Current Requests

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2020-412 The 2015-2017 Trends in Out-of-School Suspensions Report, dated February 8, 2018 reported on new requirements for disproportionate discipline with the following:

MSDE has proposed a…
2020-411 "Please provide all electronic mail and cell phone messages related to HCPSS affairs sent or received by BOE members Mallo and Taj, to or from anyone, during the time that today's (06/16/… Complete
2020-410 I would like all legal bills with descriptions of what work was done from January 1,2020 till June 12, 2020 from “ Carney, Kelehan, Bresler, Bennett & Scherr LLP”

2020-409 Requesting all electronic messages covering HCPSS business (e.g. emails, text messages etc.) received and/or sent by Board Members Taj & Mallo ( to or from any party ), during the time period of… Complete
2020-408 I am requesting the exact total vote count of the 2020-2021 Student Member of the Board of Education election held from June 1st-June 5th, 2020. I am also requesting all emails sent and received from… Complete
2020-407 I request the rosters of the HCPSS Ethics Panel for each year from 2010 to present. In Progress
2020-406 I request all HCPSS business-related messages, including but not limited to email and text messages, sent or received by Jen Mallo and/or Sabina Taj, to or from any party, during the HCPSS Board… Complete
2020-402 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting an opportunity to obtain unredacted copies of public records for the Request for Proposal No. 012.20.BS - Automated School Bus Stop… Complete
2020-401 Requesting all email communications between Bruce Gist and Angela Miller regarding HCPSS gym allocation between time period January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019. Complete
2020-400 I am requesting a list of Tax overages or foreclosure excess funds of the residential properties that were foreclosed in the last 3 years in Howard county. Complete
2020-399 I am requesting a list of Tax overages or foreclosure excess funds of the residential properties that were foreclosed in the last 3 years in Howard county. Complete
2020-398 Based on the August 30, 2019 MSDE special education monitoring report that you found for me, I am making an additional request.  One of the recommendations in the report stated the following:… Complete
2020-397 I respectfully request the Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS) for the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Board of Education members, and any members of the HCPSS Central Office who are… Complete
2020-396 I am requesting a list of complaints made against teachers by students at Howard High School. Complete
2020-395 I would like to know how many Student Reassignment Request appeals to the board of Education were referred to outside legal council, vs how many did HCPSS handle ? Complete
2020-394 I would like info on the number of 504 and IEP meetings requested that do not result in a 504 or IEP being granted for the student. Complete
2020-393 I request all letters sent in April 2020 between the Board of Education, the Superintendent, or any HCPSS staff; to or from the HCPSS Ethics Board, that include any references to and/or discuss… Complete
2020-392 I am requesting all emails sent by Centennial and Wilde Lake High School principals (and/or from to Centennial and Wilde Lake seniors and/or their parents between and… Complete
2020-391 In reference to the recent decision to hold virtual graduations, at a cost of $180,000:
1) Please provide a copy of the survey completed by HCPSS seniors, class of 2020, in March/April 2020 in…
2020-390 Since the Open Meetings Compliance Board found that Jen Mallo and Sabina Taj violated the Open Meetings Act by texting instructions to each other during a public board meeting, and since the public… Complete
2020-389 I am requesting the Title I School Level Parent Involvement Plans for HCPSS Title I schools for the two school years 2007-2008 and 2019-2020. Complete
2020-388 Copies of all emails, texts, and/or other electronic communications:

Sent and/or received by: any member of the Howard County Board of Education; Anessa Dennis; Superintendent…
2020-387 Question and Answer #149 from the FY2020 Board of Education Budget Work Session I states that "Howard County began transporting parochial school students during World War II, when there were… Complete
2020-386 I would like to make a public records request for the following information for each year from 1995 to the present:

i) Feeder patterns from elementary to middle schools and middle…
2020-385 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, the most recent MSDE special education audit report and the HCPSS Targeted School Improvement Intervention Plan, as required by MSDE, which includes… Complete