Current Requests

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2020-211 I am requesting the funds spent on the Tienet program for IEPs in 2017 and 2018. From 2012 through 2016 Howard County spent between $57,000 and $113,000 on Tienet annually. The fund accountability… Complete
2020-210 I am requesting communications during 9/8/2019-9/15/2019, containing "River Hill" or "riverhill" or "RHHS" between board members "" or "… Complete
2020-209 I am writing today to request a document from the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). The document is a master list of all the athletic practice times and gym use allocations, pertaining to… Complete
2020-208 I respectfully request to obtain electronic copies of all email and text communications sent to Del. Hill’s office regarding redistricting for the time period of Jan 1, 2019 through November 1, 2019… Complete
2020-207 I request any and all email regarding the processing of MPIA request 2020-181, 2020-180, 2020-179, 2020-172 and 2020-167. Complete
2020-206 I am requesting communications during 8/25/2019-8/31/2019, containing "River Hill" or "riverhill" or "RHHS" between board members "" or "… Complete
2020-205 I am requesting the following numbers for the last 5 full school years:
General education teachers hired after the first day of school
General education teachers who left HCPSS after…
2020-204 All email and/or text communications regarding X. Complete
2020-203 Please provide the following information, as described in the Maryland Departement of the Environment permit number 14-DP-3417 for the Marriotts Ridge HS Wastewater Treatment Facility:
2020-202 Please provide the following information, as described in the Maryland Departement of the Environment permit number 15-DP-3412 for the Glenelg HS on-site sewage disposal system:
* Monthly…
2020-201 Seeking the names of requesters for the following online MPIA requests:
2020-200 I am requesting the number of HCPSS staff members who requested voluntary transfers in the 2018/2019 school year into special education from a general education position. Complete
2020-199 Regarding use of social media on behalf of HCPSS business and considered public and in reference to all such specific social media accounts for all BOE members and Superintendent. Request is to… Complete
2020-198 1. For school years 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20, the number of students for whom FCPS received a report of a community/reportable offense pursuant to Md. Code Ann. Educ. § 7-303 and /or… Complete
2020-197 1. Copies of any and all Facebook posts by Howard County Board of Education member, Dr. Chao Wu, with anything and everything related to redistricting.
2. Copies of any and all Facebook posts…
2020-196 MPIA 2020 - 146 list notes from the attendance area committee. Page 11 begins a discussion on Title 1 funds. There is discussion about a shift in 2014 from Targeted funding to school wide funding.… Complete
2020-195 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, requesting the following: Data on the number of teachers who, during the 2018/2019 school year, did not have state teaching certificates. This request… Complete
2020-194 On Dr Chu’s personal website,, he indicated, in a September 2, 2019 blog entry, that he developed a computer model, using Python, to evaluate policy options for the High School… Complete
2020-193 Of students with IEPs in grades K-12, please report the number and percentage of Elementary, Middle and High school students that attend their home school. Complete
2020-192 I am requesting copies of ALL electronic communication between the Board's CUF office (Angela Miller, David Brown, Bruce Gist, and Scott Washington) to all user groups for GYM usage from… Complete
2020-191 I would like to request copies of all e-mail from Dr Chu’s gmail account ( to Howard County residents.
2020-190 I would like a copy of all e-mails sent to as he clearly uses that e-mail account for County business. See the September 6, 2109 blog on where he solicits… Complete
2020-189 Please provide documents provided to HCPSS indicating that HCPSS is out of compliance with ESOL regulations. At a recent Board of Education meeting, staff reported that HCPSS was recently found out… Complete
2020-188 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of records of the costs incurred by Paula Karamihas, the Director of Football Nutrition… Complete
2020-187 I am requesting the total amount given to HCPSS in School Improvement Grants for their focus schools for the last 5 years. Please list the focus schools for each year and provide the most recent… Complete