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2021-074 Please provide the number of students who have received:
1. Virtual initial evaluations for special education from March 14-April 14, 2020
2. Virtual initial evaluations for special…
2021-073 I am requesting a list of four-year & two-year colleges/universities offering admission to the Wilde Lake High School, Howard High School, & River Hill High School graduating classes of 2015-… Complete
2021-072 Please provide a detailed curriculum for the 8th grade "21st century learning" class. I do not see any information regarding this class in the online course catalog or in other PIA… Complete
2021-071 I would like to know how many hotspots are needed to provide internet access for each HCPSS student who requires it and the cost of each hotspot. Complete
2021-070 Under the provisions of the Maryland PIA Open Records Act, I hereby request a copy of the following agency records identified to Howard County Public Schools for Medical Benefits for Employees of the… In Progress
2021-069 Requesting all documents, including but not limited to emails, correspondence, memos, and calendar items (including attachments), regarding meetings for or the establishment of Individualized… Complete
2021-068 Requesting all emails, voicemail, text messages, instant messages and calendar items regarding x. Complete
2021-067 I am requesting all emails, instant messages, text messages, and calendar items regarding x.
2021-066 I am requesting all emails, instant messages, text messages, and calendar items regarding x. Complete
2021-065 I am looking for the Compliance Data metrics that were completed in 2019/2020. This is from the HCPSS Special Education Strategic Plan. "Establish a system for data collection and analysis to… Complete
2021-064 I would like a Full List of all software installed on student and teacher Chrome books. This should include any remote management software Complete
2021-063 I am requesting all emails, calendar items (including attachments), instant messages, and text messages regarding X. Complete
2021-062 Please provide a current list of escheated funds forwarded to Howard County's Board of Education by Orphans' Court. The styling of previous lists included the case name, case number, date… Complete
2021-061 The current supply of PPE. Complete
2021-060 HCPSS Technology Access Survey Results Complete
2021-059 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I am requesting to obtain all submitted proposals regarding the following record:

Request Details:
Bid # 024.19.B3
2021-058 Seeking X. Complete
2021-057 How much of the $13 million in CARES Act funding was used to purchase Chromebook?

How many Chromebooks were purchased with CARES Act funding?

Breakdown of other usage of…
2021-056 I am requesting the list of "modules to be completed by staff / administrators" prior to the next school year that has been sent out by the school system. I have a copy from a teacher, but… Complete
2021-055 MPIA 2021-010 has a December 21, 2018 email from an HCPSS Use of School Facilities Technical Assistant to Bruce Gist that included an attached document entitled "Cooperative Arrangements between… Complete
2021-054 A log/list/database/spreadsheet including all pending/”open” HVAC repairs or replacements in school district buildings as of present date. If possible please include the school name and projected $… Complete
2021-053 Requesting copies of vendor proposals and scoring/evaluation documents for Request for Proposal No. 029.20.B1 (dental and vision services) Waiting for Clarification
2021-052 Per the Maryland Public Information Act, please provide me with the following data for the Howard County Public School System:
1. Total number of school resource officers
2021-051 I would like to request shapefiles (gis files) of all current school board member district boundaries. I would additionally like to request any historical shapefiles you may have of these boundaries… Complete
2021-050 I am requesting all emails, instant messages, and text messages regarding X. Complete