Current Requests

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2020-102 (1) in regard to the subject of school redistricting, copies of all emails, texts, correspondence, contracts, calendar notes, meeting minutes and work product generated from April 1, 2019 to today:… Complete
2020-101 Please provide a list, by school, of the number of teaching positions that were unfilled or awaiting final clearance and arrival tentatively hired teacher on the first day of the 2019-2020 school… Complete
2020-100 This is a request (the "Public Information Act Request") under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code (the "Act"). We are… Complete
2020-099 I am requesting student performance (Reading and Math proficiency) information for each student by each school.

This could be provided in one excel file with each tab for each…
2020-098 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheat funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2020-097 Did any members of the 2019 Area Attendance Committee donate/support through financial contributions, to the election campaigns of any current members of the Howard County Board of Education? Complete
2020-096 I am requesting student performance (Reading and Math proficiency) information for each student by each school.

This could be provided in one excel file with each tab for each…
2020-095 I would like the number of students currently in each grade 9th through 12th broken down by polygon number for the following polygons: 35,78,79,80,1035,1080,1082,2035,3035,3071 and 4035 Complete
2020-094 Could you help provide the Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS) Student counts and FARM Rate by All HCPSS schools for School Year 2017-2018 and SY 2018-2019.

The FARMS data shown on the…
2020-093 I am requesting the breakdown of students in polygons 144 and 1144 by individual grade. Complete
2020-092 Any emails / documents/ or audio recordings of meetings that include discussion regarding polygons 144 and polygon 1144 from the Superintendent during the current proposed redistricting . Complete
2020-091 I am requesting all Superintendent Board memos since January 2019 regarding the FY2020 and FY2021 capital budget funding and process, including the CIP, state priority listing, proposed capital… Complete
2020-090 Settlements, monetary or otherwise, paid out for complaints/lawsuits/grievances concerning students with special needs. Within this request, we are asking for data related to each dispute which would… Complete
2020-089 Please provide a spreadsheet of all MPIA requests from 1/1/2018 through today, with the request number, date, name of the submitter and the cost of completing the request. Thank you. Complete
2020-088 Please provide the job description and requirements to apply for the position of Behavior Specialist Paraeducator. Complete
2020-087 For the all of the mean test scores in this report, I request that I be provided with standard deviations of the estimates, and when doing so would not violate confidentiality, the number of… Complete
2020-086 Any emails / documents discussion regarding polygons 147 and polygon 1185 from the Superintendant during the current proposed redistricting. Complete
2020-085 I would like data for Advanced Placement (AP) classes in each of the county's high schools.

Please provide the following details of these AP classes broken down by High School:…
2020-084 Could we please get debrief materials for bid #065.19.B5 (Adaptive Elementary Math Software) to include a copy of the winning proposal and evaluator notes for all submitted proposals. Complete
2020-083 The draft minutes of the Attendance Area Committee (AAC) from July 9, 2019 (which I downloaded from the HCPSS website) say that an audio recording was made of that meeting. This is a request for a… Complete
2020-082 I am requesting a copy of all email correspondence between the BOE or superintendent and Pastor Larry Walker. Complete
2020-081 Please provide the GIS shapefile data on current school bus stops for all school levels. The interactive map (link below) has information on bus stops and bus numbers. Please share the database that… Complete
2020-080 I would like all emails or letters between any board of education members and any emails between the superintendent and BOE. Or BOE and the county executive. That mention or are related to… Complete
2020-079 I would like to request X. Complete
2020-078 All correspondences to and from Larry Walker. Complete