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2020-309 I would like to request all electronic documents sent to or received by Mavis Ellis, Jen Mallo, Sabina Taj, and Kirsten Coombs in which the words “inadvertent” or “accident” or “accidental” were used… Complete
2020-308 In response to Request #2020-231, Policy 2020 governing policy development and periodic review was referenced, as was a grid of policies currently assigned to the Superintendent's Standing… Complete
2020-307 I would like to know the total amount of students that attend Howard High School but live out of district.

How many of the out of district students are enrolled in JROTC?
2020-306 I am requesting X
2020-305 Can you please provide the name of the individual(s) who submitted MPIA requests # 2020-302 and 2020-268. Thanks very much for your assistance! Complete
2020-304 Please confirm whether or not the Appliances & Kitchen Equipment bid was renewed for the period January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020, and if so send the current price list/renewal pricing? If it… Complete
2020-303 Please provide to me the actual data- deaggregated—for information that was submitted to MSDE on Restraint and Seclusion Report dated December 1, 2019. I am looking for:
1. For each incident,…
2020-302 I would like all documents of communication between Daniel (Dan) Newberger and Julie Schruefer regarding redistricting. Thank you. Complete
2020-301 Please update MPIA request 2019-158 with full year 2018-19 information. Thanks. Complete
2020-300 I am requesting electronic copies of all email and text communication (if available) between Maureen Evans Arthurs and BOE members, Sabina Taj, Mavis Ellis, Jennifer Mallo, Kirsten Coombs, and/or… Complete
2020-299 I. All expulsions authorized by HCPSS since January 1, 2017 to the present;
2. All criminal reportable offenses from January 1 2017 to the present that did not result in expulsions;
2020-298 How many students attend Howard High School this school year (19-20) because they have an Administrative Exemption? Complete
2020-297 In response to Request #2020-231, the only training materials that exist related to Policy 9260 (as attached in responsive documents to the Request), are over 5 years old and are no longer in use… Complete
Please provide existing records that show which classes actually run at each high school for SY19-20. If available, please also show…
2020-295 Please provide all MPIA request numbers, name of requester, and email for those requests generated from Fiscal Year 2018 to today in which the phrase "generate new data" is included in the… Complete
2020-294 Copies and total number of days of leave (sick, professional, personal, etc.) taken by Erika Strauss Chavarria, a teacher at Wilde Lake High School in HCPSS, per year for the last five academic… Complete
2020-293 Provide a report for the use of gym space including the name of the reserving organization and the event name submitted, within HCPSS schools for January – March 2020. Complete
2020-292 I am requesting the name of the person(s) who submitted the MPIA request 277-2020. Thank you. Complete
2020-291 I am requesting the actual numbers of special education teachers, paraeducators, and student assistants in FY2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Include all special education staff in this number by budget… Complete
2020-290 I am requesting the number of special education temporary employee positions allocated and filled each year since 2010. Complete
2020-289 If still available on your servers, I am requesting all 2015 emails, including attachments, from and to or Complete
2020-288 I am requesting all drafts of the statement made by Ms. Ellis prior to the ratification of vote on redistricting at the 12/17/2019 Board meeting (please include emails and pdf or word files with the… Complete
2020-287 I respectfully request electronic copies of all Technical and Cost proposals submitted in response to RFP 012.20.B5 We were a bidder to that RFP. Complete
2020-286 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-285 Removed - Spam Complete