Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2017.

Tracking Number Sort ascending Requested Information Status
2018-392 I would like to request the breakdown of students attending Howard County Public schools that are… Complete
2018-391 I would like to know if the school bus that stops at 2065 Sykesville Rd., MD-32 at approx. 8:15-8:… Complete
2018-390 I would like the following data, preferably in a digital format:
-- Capacity of students…
2018-389 I am requesting any documents that contain the number of applications submitted for the current job… Complete
2018-388 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, copies of documents that show the dates and… Complete
2018-387 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format, a copy of each signed contract for attorneys… Complete
2018-386 I would like all correspondence pertaining to the Talbott Springs Elementary School capital… Complete
2018-385 For each of the last three academic years completed (2015-2017) provide number of students arrested… Complete
2018-384 More information on arrests of students on school grounds is requested. In addition to request… Complete
2018-383 Regarding this announcement:…