Current Requests

Tracking Number Sort ascending Request Status
2020-151 All redistricting alternative plans submitted as addendums by speakers at the redistricting public hearings in 2019. Complete
2020-150 Documents regarding X. Complete
2020-149 On August 31, 2017, Justin Bendict sent an email to the Board of Education regarding "Technology Contracts for September 7th Board Meeting" An email exchange ensued between Justin Benedict… Complete
2020-148 I would like to see all evaluation/scoring information that shows how vendors fared in competing for RFP #065-19 B5 for Adaptive Elementary Mathematics, released by the Howard County Public School… Complete
2020-147 We are requesting, under Maryland Public Information Act, State Govt Article (SG) § 10-611, et seq.”, all staff in Howard County Public School System for the 2019-2020 school year.

2020-146 Digital copy of all notes taken by boundary review consultants and HCPSS staff during the AAC meetings. Complete
2020-145 I am requesting a copy of the FY20 special education staffing plan.
This is a copy of the document for FY18:

Thank you.
2020-144 DOB of every HCPSS employee in spreadsheet format. Complete
2020-143 I would like EMS Gym Allocations for the following months in 2019: September, October, November and December

In addition, I am requesting copies of the 501(c)(3) determination letter…
2020-142 In refer to, I would request you, under MPIA, to add a column with the percentage of the time the staff is assigned to each school.

2020-141 1. For the school year 2018-2019, how many students were enrolled in the Jumpstart program at River Hill High School?
2. How many of these students were receiving FARM?
3. For the…
2020-140 A copy of a list of lobbyists currently registered to lobby HCPSS and the Board of Education Complete
2020-139 Would like to request communications between lobbyist Barbara Zektick and Board of Ed members and/or the superintendent's office. Additionally, I request any records of meetings with Ms. Zetick… Complete
2020-138 Please provide the FARMs count and student count per polygon for the past 5years in excel format. Thank you. Complete
2020-137 I am requesting prior draft versions of the Superintendent’s Attendance Area Adjustment proposal. Please include any communications that impacted changes and lent to the final recommendation. Thank… Complete
2020-136 I am requesting all emails between Board of Education members related to Dr Wu's request to have a statement during the redistricting public hearing on September 26th. Search between September… Complete
2020-135 Please release all Twitter accounts currently (10/2/19) being blocked by the official HCPSS account @Sabina_Taj. Note: providing the list after allowing Ms. Taj to unblock accounts and follow HCPSS… Complete
2020-134 Please provide either:
a) the official enrollment report for all schools and all grade levels for HCPSS for 2019 (notionally September 30 or the actual official date);
2020-133 I would like to know school feeder history (which elementary school, middle school, and high school, students attended respectively) for the following polygons: 1028, 2028, 28, since 1990. Thanks. Complete
2020-132 A copy of lobbiest currently registered to lobby HCPSS and the Board of Education Complete
2020-131 Can we have a spreadsheet listing the funding received by each school in the past 3 years, categorized by federal, state, local? Complete
2020-130 Copies of all memos provided by the school superintendent to members of the board of education since 2/1/19. Complete
2020-129 Please provide all emails to/from Sabina Taj and Bill Barnes that include the following terms:
special ed
2020-128 Documents regarding X. Complete
2020-127 Copy of the letter of intent and contract between Cooperative Strategies (Scott Leopold) and HCPSS to include scope of the work, payments made and those remaining outstanding. Complete