HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-016

Requested Information
I would like to request School Polygon Tables similar to the one provided with the current (2017-18) re-districting feasibility study for the previous years if available; at least going 5 years back. I want to see for myself how accurate were the projections done earlier. Thank you.
Response Notes

Please note, the School Planning Office only creates school polygon tables when there is a redistricting proposal for the upcoming year. The responsive documents addressed redistricting proposals during the past five years, at which time polygon reports were created only for the level under review.

For reference, each year the School Planning Office submits Projection Accuracy Reports to the Board of Education – if you are interested in these reports they can be found by searching the BoardDocs website. The 2017 report can be found under the February 23, 2017, Board meeting.

Responsive Documents

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