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2025-003 Provide the most recent copy of invoices, bills, and subscription statements for all software, internet, phone, cellular, broadband, and cloud services from June 2023 to present. Include the most… Submitted
2025-002 I am requesting the same information provided in this response (MPIA 2023-118) but for FY2024. Submitted
2025-001 All costs for special education need to be tracked for the budget. I am requesting the total amount spent in FY 2022 and 2023 under special education for parent attorney reimbursement, expert… Submitted
2024-194 Any and all documents whether paper or electronic form from the Health Services offices to school nursing staff and/or IEP teams on guidance related to private duty nursing and/or nursing services in… Submitted
2024-193 To Whom It May Concern,

Via your state's public records laws, I request the following information:
The number of people (union members) who are having dues withdrawn from…
2024-192 List of books banned between 2021 and 2024 by HCPSS. Complete
2024-191 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code.  I am making this request as an employee of WBAL-TV. 

We request…
Waiting for Clarification
2024-190 Deltek is submitting a public records request to Howard County Public School System for commercial purposes. Would a representative please provide the information relating to the solicitation below?… Waiting for Clarification
2024-189 Disciplinary Referral Forms that were submitted during the current School Year (2024) at Howard High School.
• Date of Incident
• Date Received
• Date Returned
• Staff…
2024-188 Regarding x. Complete
2024-187 'Information Technology (IT) with flexible staffing services' (#031.24.B6) - Would we be able to receive any responses, proposals, tabulation, or any other pertinent documents regarding… Waiting for Clarification
2024-186 Regarding X. Complete
2024-185 I am requesting the number of Special Education Temporary Employees used each year in HCPSS from FY2021 through the present as a follow up to MPIA Request #2020-290…
2024-184 I am requesting electronic copies of approved contracts for all businesses providing special education temporary employees for the 2023/2024 school year. At a minimum, this would include Social… Complete
2024-183 Requesting policies, procedures and guidance documents pertaining to Multiple Family Residential applications including granting exceptions to the policies. Specific documentation pertaining to what… Complete
2024-182 Please provide copies of current vendor contracts for the following:

home-to-school student transportation services
athletics and field trips student transportation services…
2024-181 I am requesting the list of approved curriculum instructional resources for grades 9-12 from the 2013-2014 school year to the 2023-2024 school year. (Recognizing that the list for the 2024-25 school… Complete
2024-180 Subject: MPIA Request for Information on Contracts and Curriculum Resources

Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, General Provisions Article §§ 4-101 to 4-601, I am…
Waiting for Clarification
2024-179 I would like information on employees requesting voluntary transfers into and out of Guilford Elementary School. For each school year in the last 5 school years, including the current school year… Complete
2024-178 I would like to request a list of all Multiple Family Determination owing a property applications for 2021-June 2024. Specifically, I would like to obtain the requestor information, address, date,… Complete
2024-177 I would like to request emails dated between February 1, 2024 and June 4, 2024 within Human Resources that include the term "Reduction in Force" or "RIF" Waiting for Clarification
2024-176 Disciplinary Referral Forms submitted during the current School Year (2023-2024) and previous School Year (2022-2023) at Guilford Elementary School.

• Date of Incident
• Staff…
2024-175 I am requesting a list of four-year & two-year colleges/universities offering admission to all HCPSS graduating class of 2024 and the number of students applied, accepted, attending to each in… Complete
2024-174 Regarding X. Complete
2024-173 SmartProcure is submitting a Public Information Act (PIA) request as defined by Md. Code Ann to the Howard County Public Schools for any and all purchasing records from 6/30/2020 to current. The… Waiting for Clarification