HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-384

Requested Information
More information on arrests of students on school grounds is requested. In addition to request MPIA 2018-224 please provide in the spreadsheet the data from columns G (Hispanic/Latino), L (English Language Learner), P, Q, and R (suspension), U, V, W (arresting officer), and Z, AA, an AB (disciplinary outcome).
Response Notes

As explained in the notes related to the chart provided under 2018-224, when the 2015-2016 data was collected per guidelines from MSDE we did not have the information for the rest of the columns: “Please note, the fields (school name, school level, gender, race, date of arrest, arresting offense and location of arrest) included in the HCPSS submission were the only details collected from police reports for those incidents the local police indicated were student arrests (as we were not yet collecting our own data) for this initial report.”

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