HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-399

Requested Information
I am requesting all documents, including social media posts and emails, reflecting HCPSS's decision to not seek a waiver from the State Board to allow schools to open on President's Day (February 19, 2018) in accordance with the district calendar. Although not so limited, my request includes disclosure of a new release referenced in a Facebook post on February 8, 2018, which contains an update on makeup days for inclement weather. This news release seems to have been removed from the HCPSS website. I would also like to inspect all documents reflecting the grounds and basis for the decision not to request a waiver from the State Board to open schools on President's Day, including, but not limited to, documents reflecting inquires made in the last year to the State Board of Education about potentially obtaining a waiver for the state-mandated President's Day holiday in 2018 in accordance with the school calendar which designated that date as an inclement weather make up date. In addition, I would like to inspect documents reflecting the criteria for and the plans for requesting a waiver so that President's Day could be used as an inclement weather makeup day.
Response Notes

Please note, criteria for the use of President’s Day and conditions for granting waiver requests are found in the Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article § 7-301: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmga/frmStatutesText.aspx?article=ged&section=7-103&ext=html&session=2018RS&tab=subject5 and the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.02.01.04: http://www.dsd.state.md.us/comar/comarhtml/13a/13a.02.01.04.htm.

Responsive Documents
This social media announcement linked to the HCPSS website post included below.
This social media announcement linked to the HCPSS website post included below.
This Update on Inclement Weather Make-Up Days for 2017-2018 School Year was removed March 2, 2018 when a new update was posted to the HCPSS website.
While not directly responsive to the grounds or basis for the final decision made regarding the use of President’s Day, these emails include discussions related to preparations made in the event the school system were to seek a waiver. As such, draft waiver requests included in these emails were never finalized/sent to the Maryland State Department of Education. Under MPIA GP § 4-301(1), which restricts access to records subject to the attorney-client privilege, we have redacted portions of these emails which are of an advisory nature from the HCPSS General Counsel.
Please note, this waiver request drafted prior to the use of snow days by HCPSS in November 2017 was never finalized/sent to the Maryland State Department of Education.

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