HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-426

Requested Information
Any records regarding (1) middle-school students not completing (or making minimal effort on) writing assignments on the PARCC ELA exams and/or (2) efforts directed toward minimizing the number of zeros in middle-school PARCC ELA exams.

Carroll County has unsatisfactory middle-school ELA results. CCPS staff has attributed this to a large number of "zeros" for writing. Students are leaving writing tasks blank or putting forth extremely minimal effort. I would like to explore whether this problem exists in HCPSS.
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, HCPSS does not have any records indicating a trend in middle-school students not completing writing assignments on PARCC ELA exams. As such, there are also no records regarding efforts to minimize such results. Please note, the school system does not receive access to individual responses in written portions of the PARCC test, only resulting scores from the test provider which are reviewed by schools for areas of potential improvement.

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