HCPSS MPIA Request #2019-115

Requested Information
Please provide to me any non-exempt record in your custody would permit me to identify the step placement of a teacher on your salary scales for fiscal year 2019 based on that teacher’s years of experience. If this information is available on your website, please provide a link.

In some Maryland LEAs, a teacher’s placement on the salary scale does not correspond to the years of experience of said teacher. In order to help teachers and potential new teachers identify their salary on the salary scales, some LEAs present an additional column on their scales. For example, Charles, Frederick, and Washington Counties title this column “Years of Experience,” “Starting Years of Experience,” and “Enter Year,” respectively.

Your LEA does not present such a column on the salary scale for fiscal year 2019. Your salary scales are also labeled "TEMPORARY." If HCPSS teachers are "on step," their step placement will equal their years of service.
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