HCPSS MPIA Request #2019-199

Requested Information
The October 2016 audit of the Howard County Public School System by the Office of Legislative Audits had a finding that executive employees were receiving regular monthly mileage payments for amounts that could not be substantiated and were not authorized or approved by the board. OLA recommended that HCPSS "maintain documentation establishing how such payments were determined" and "ensure such compensation arrangements are authorized and approved by the board." I am requesting any evaluation of the justification for the stipends and any documents submitted to the board to authorize and approve the current stipends. Please include the date that all were accomplished.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
June 20, 2018 memo to the Board of Education regarding actions taken related to mileage stipends. Please note, this memo was redistributed on May 9, 2019.
The attached record contains data collected by staff in the evaluation of stipends for the period of September 2017 through November 2017.

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