If sending a request via mail to HCPSS, please use the mailing address below. Mailed requests will be entered into the online system for tracking purposes upon receipt. Supplying an email address with your request will allow for ease of correspondence.

Howard County Public School System
Attention: Public Information Office, MPIA Request
10910 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042

As of July 2017, HCPSS launched this online request, review, and response system to streamline our MPIA process. To facilitate a timely response to your MPIA request, please fill out the form below with your contact information and a description of the requested documents.

Once submitted, the HCPSS MPIA Representative will post a summary of the requested documents in the tracking system, update the status, and post responsive documents as the request is processed per the MPIA. Status updates and responses will also be sent to you at the email supplied below – HCPSS responses are sent via mpia_requests@hcpss.org, please check spam filters for your individual email provider.

We encourage you to first review the content of the HCPSS website, the Howard County Board of Education’s BoardDocs website, the Maryland State Department of Education’s Maryland Report Card, and the Request Log in this tracking system for commonly requested information and readily available documents.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the MPIA process and associated fees.

Submit Your MPIA Request

PLEASE NOTE: Contact information beyond an email is not required to use the online system, however it is gathered to facilitate direct contact with a requester. Of the information supplied in the form below, only request summaries are posted in the online tracking system - however, submission of this request/information to HCPSS does make it subject to potential release under the Maryland Public Information Act.

Summary language will omit legally protected information (such as a student’s personally identifiable information). For responses from HCPSS containing legally protected information available only to the person of interest, documents will also be omitted from the online report.

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What information would you like to request? Each entry will be summarized to include the requester's specific document requests and legally protected information (such as personally identifiable information of a student) removed before posting publicly.