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2023-150 I'm requesting information about how our schools handle a students request for gender-related accommodations, including:

1) Changing their names and/or pronouns
2) Bathroom…
2023-149 I am looking for an up-to-date list of your current employees, full names, date of birth, age or year of birth, hire date, e-mail address, home phone, department/position, and salary, if possible, in… Submitted
2023-148 I would like to request all e-mail correspondence between the HCPSS pride organization ( and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the 2022-2023 school year. By the… Submitted
2023-147 I am requesting the titles of each of the professional learning courses provided by the HCPSS Special Education department, the number of each type of staff attending each course (special ed, general… Submitted
2023-146 Regarding X. Submitted
2023-145 requesting the current services agreement for athletic training services for the athletics department within Howard County. Complete
2023-144 What is the total dollar amount paid to Panorama Education, Inc. since the inception of our agreement #011.21.B5 in 2021?
Thank you.
2023-143 Checking in to see if it'd be possible to share a copy of the contract signed between the school system and Zum Services for bus service beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Complete
2023-142 SmartProcure is seeking to request electronic copies of the contracts in place between the district and the vendor that supplies temp/substitute staffing for the 2022-2023 school year. Complete
2023-141 Results of the 2023 Student Member of the Board Election, broken down by school. Complete
2023-140 I am requesting any and all documents/protocols and policies that give information about parents and staff ability to view video surveillance captured in schools and on buses. Please provide any… Complete
2023-139 I am requesting copies of any memoranda from Dr. Martirano sent to the HCPSS Board of Education between August 23rd, 2022 and May 3rd, 2023 with either the words “Restraint” or “Seclusion” in the… Complete
2023-138 Regarding X. Submitted
2023-137 I'm requesting the following documents that have already been requested as part of request 2023-099 and 2023-115 regarding Transporation RFP 019.23.B3:

Zum: Proposal – Technical…
2023-136 I am requesting copies of contracts currently in place with Panorama and Casel. Thank you. Complete
2023-135 Under the Maryland Public Records law, I am requesting the list of any unclaimed funds your office is currently holding that have escheated from the estates of deceased people within the last 36… Complete
2023-134 As a follow up to MPIA Request #2021-30, please provide any additional documents, specifically including, but not limited to, documents recorded with the land records of the Howard County Circuit… Complete
2023-133 We request all-digital, electronic copies of the proposals, responses, tabulation, awards, and other pertinent documents regarding this RFP.

RFP: 022.22.B1
RFP Date: 12/07/2021…
2023-132 I would like to request a copy of the contractor’s [S.A. HALAC IRON WORKS] payment/performance bond for the following public construction project:

2023-131 Request all correspondence between July, 2021 and today regarding Wilde Lake High School's club Students for Social Justice also known as S4SJ. Complete
2023-130 Per the response to MPIA 2023-118, there were 25 compliance/dispute resolution agreements containing confidentiality or nondisclosure language SY2022-2023 at the time of the request. For those… Submitted
2023-129 Please provide the number of IEP's in Howard County that are out of compliance for:
• 5 or more school days
• 10 or more school days
• 15 or more school days
• 20 or…
2023-128 Disciplinary Referral Forms submitted during the current School Year (2023) at Howard High School.
• Date of Incident
• Date Received
• Date Returned
• Staff Member…
2023-127 Regarding X. Complete
2023-126 Regarding X. Complete