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2023-009 Please provide the Maryland State Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics’ guidelines for protecting student privacy in public reporting and suppressing data when the… Submitted
2023-008 On 8/2/2022 Principal Cindy Dillon of Centennial High School issued a notice that all students would be participating in a "year-long study on race, diversity, and inclusion. We will be using a… Submitted
2023-007 I request
(1) the total number of teacher and school staff vacancies as of the date of this request, and the number of vacancies sorted by specific position title
(2) the total number…
2023-006 Under the Maryland Public Information Act, we formally request that your office provide us with public spending information, including both capital and operating expenditures, for payments made by or… Complete
2023-005 I am requesting a list with the following information for all employees at Howard County Public Schools. Please provide the following information in excel.
• First Name
• Middle Name…
In Progress
2023-004 I am requesting surveillance camera footage between the hours of 5pm and 6pm for Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at Harpers Choice Middle School. Specially, for activities in the front parking lot of the… In Progress
2023-003 Under the Maryland Public Records law, I am requesting the list of any unclaimed funds your office is currently holding that have escheated from the estates of deceased people within the last 17… Complete
2023-002 I wish to inspect all records in your custody and control from January 1, 2021 to present pertaining to the following:

(A) all documents constituting communications with, relating to,…
2023-001 I am requesting )preferably in searchable content) graduation rates for each HCPSS high school from 2010 to the present for the following categories:
African American