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2022-129 I am formally requesting under Maryland's Public Information Act, Howard County Public School System, Executive Salary (Superintendent, Deputy/Assistant Superintendents, Chiefs). Please provide… Submitted
2022-128 I would like to formally request any and all correspondence from the Gorman Crossing PTA leadership (representing the PTA) to the office of the Superintendent. I want to know what they are claiming… Submitted
2022-127 Please provide an up-to-date list of your current employees, full names, date of birth, age or year of birth, hire date, e-mail address, personal/home phone number(s), address, department/position,… Submitted
2022-126 Requesting the full vote count totals for the 2022 Student Member of the Board of Education that was just completed.

Also, would like the vote count for each candidate, by school and…
2022-125 I request all documents provided to the Board of Education that list the sources of funding that have been used to pay down the HCPSS Health Fund deficit since 2017, including county government funds Submitted
2022-124 Please provide the vote totals for the Student Member of the Board election just completed, broken down by school. Also, please include last years' election vote tallies, broken down by school… Submitted
2022-123 I want the election results for the 2022 Student Member of the Board Election, including how many votes were acquired for both candidates, Oliver Song and Abisola Ayoola, from every middle and high… Submitted
2022-122 Please consider this a request made pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, Maryland Code Annotated, General Provisions, Section §4-101 et seq. Specifically, I write to request the following… Waiting for Clarification
2022-121 The Board memo from the Superintendent presented at the April 28, 2022 meeting provides information about the funding of special education: "We have received questions regarding the full funding… Complete
2022-120 I would like a digital copy of Amplify's submitted proposal from RFP 04.21.81, Title: Screener for Reading Difficulties. Waiting for Clarification
2022-119 On the HCPSS google document "HCPSS Grade 5 Health Puberty Education Unit Preview & Exclusion," under section 5&6 Resources is a the following link to slides - Slides: Transitions (… Complete
2022-118 All PIA Requests submitted to Howard County Public Schools for the Diversity, Equity and inclusion office covering the period 9/1/21 to present.

I am specifically looking for:
2022-117 HCPSS Policy 8040, Selection of Instructional Materials, provides a procedure for approval and removal of instructional materials in classrooms and media centers.

For the current…
2022-116 Please provide a list of names that serve on the
- Instructional Materials Criteria/Review Committee (CRC)
- Curricular Area Selection Committee
- Curriculum Review Committee
2022-115 I would like all versions of the 5220 policy since 2014 to be forwarded to this email. The 5220 bid qualifications have changed this school year from previous years, but the policy hasn’t been… Complete
2022-114 Regarding X.
2022-113 I am requesting the number of times the Howard County Police Department was summoned by HCPSS to HCPSS middle schools for the time period beginning the first day of school of the 2021-2022 school… Complete
2022-112 I am requesting the initial and recurring training of HCPSS security personnel and the number of HCPSS security personnel in school buildings. Complete
2022-111 Regarding X. Complete
2022-110 I am sending an official request for public information regarding special education services in the following areas:

1. Range of hourly and daily pay (whichever is applicable) for…
2022-109 Junior Library Guild (MT Library Services Inc. dba) is formally requesting documentation on several items related to library book/classroom book purchasing from the past 5 years.
2022-108 Regarding X. Complete
2022-107 I am requesting a copy of the following records: A report in pdf, csv, or xls format of all employees and gross wages for fiscal year 2021: Payroll/wage summary report. Each employee record should… Complete
2022-106 Regarding X. Complete
2022-105 Regarding X. Complete