Current Requests

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2024-192 List of books banned between 2021 and 2024 by HCPSS. Submitted
2024-191 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, Title 4 of the General Provisions of the Maryland Code.  I am making this request as an employee of WBAL-TV. 

We request…
2024-190 Deltek is submitting a public records request to Howard County Public School System for commercial purposes. Would a representative please provide the information relating to the solicitation below?… Submitted
2024-189 Disciplinary Referral Forms that were submitted during the current School Year (2024) at Howard High School.
• Date of Incident
• Date Received
• Date Returned
• Staff…
2024-188 Regarding x. Submitted
2024-187 'Information Technology (IT) with flexible staffing services' (#031.24.B6) - Would we be able to receive any responses, proposals, tabulation, or any other pertinent documents regarding… Submitted
2024-186 Regarding X. Submitted
2024-185 I am requesting the number of Special Education Temporary Employees used each year in HCPSS from FY2021 through the present as a follow up to MPIA Request #2020-290…
2024-184 I am requesting electronic copies of approved contracts for all businesses providing special education temporary employees for the 2023/2024 school year. At a minimum, this would include Social… Complete
2024-183 Requesting policies, procedures and guidance documents pertaining to Multiple Family Residential applications including granting exceptions to the policies. Specific documentation pertaining to what… Submitted
2024-182 Please provide copies of current vendor contracts for the following:

home-to-school student transportation services
athletics and field trips student transportation services…
2024-181 I am requesting the list of approved curriculum instructional resources for grades 9-12 from the 2013-2014 school year to the 2023-2024 school year. (Recognizing that the list for the 2024-25 school… Complete
2024-180 Subject: MPIA Request for Information on Contracts and Curriculum Resources

Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, General Provisions Article §§ 4-101 to 4-601, I am…
Waiting for Clarification
2024-179 I would like information on employees requesting voluntary transfers into and out of Guilford Elementary School. For each school year in the last 5 school years, including the current school year… Submitted
2024-178 I would like to request a list of all Multiple Family Determination owing a property applications for 2021-June 2024. Specifically, I would like to obtain the requestor information, address, date,… Complete
2024-177 I would like to request emails dated between February 1, 2024 and June 4, 2024 within Human Resources that include the term "Reduction in Force" or "RIF" Waiting for Clarification
2024-176 Disciplinary Referral Forms submitted during the current School Year (2023-2024) and previous School Year (2022-2023) at Guilford Elementary School.

• Date of Incident
• Staff…
2024-175 I am requesting a list of four-year & two-year colleges/universities offering admission to all HCPSS graduating class of 2024 and the number of students applied, accepted, attending to each in… Submitted
2024-174 Regarding X. Complete
2024-173 SmartProcure is submitting a Public Information Act (PIA) request as defined by Md. Code Ann to the Howard County Public Schools for any and all purchasing records from 6/30/2020 to current. The… Waiting for Clarification
2024-172 Regarding X. Complete
2024-171 I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records for all IT Staffing/Consulting and all other IT Services related contracts that are currently ongoing.

2024-170 Under Md. General Provisions Code Ann. Secs. 4-101 to 4-601, I am requesting the following documents about book challenges and removals from your school district:

Written policies,…
2024-169 I am requesting the total amount HCPSS has invested in "HCPSS PRIDE" backpacks and fliers marketed to the student body. I am requesting the name and address of the company that is… Complete
2024-168 Results of the 2024 Student Member of the Board Election, broken down by school. Complete