Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2018.

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2019-116 I am writing to request some information. In particular, I am requesting comparative information about the resources (financial and staffing) that have been (over the past three to five years) and… Submitted
2019-115 Please provide to me any non-exempt record in your custody would permit me to identify the step placement of a teacher on your salary scales for fiscal year 2019 based on that teacher’s years of… Submitted
2019-114 Please provide the binder provided to the state legislative delegation concerning redistricting for the delegation work session on January 19, 2019. Complete
2019-113 I would like to request the following information regarding bus schedules for all HCPSS high schools: For each bus route, the earliest pickup time (first stop) and the arrival time at school (… Complete
2019-112 I am requesting all job announcements for special education part-time jobs that have been sent out by every school in HCPSS within the last 6 months. Submitted
2019-111 Based on the recent High School Overcrowding Update, for Howard High, and Centennial High reassignments options to Marriotts Ridge and Glenelg, please can you share the numbers of applicants you… Submitted
2019-110 I would like to request the line item bid award tabulation for the Appliances & Kitchen Equipment (039.19.B2) bid, including awarded vendors, pricing, brands, product codes, and competitive… Submitted
2019-109 In accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act please provide position titles, job grades and salary ranges for all HCPSS positions. Submitted
2019-108 Budget program 3324 includes prekindergarten students who, by law, are required to be in classes with at least 50% nondisabled peers. However, budget books only list the total number of students in… Submitted
2019-107 In the Superintendent's proposed 2020 budget, the "actuals" for budget category 3321, Special Education School Based, are the following:
1) 484 teachers
2) 417.…