Current Requests

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2021-043 TripSpark Technologies would like to submit a FOIA request to discuss obtaining vendor proposals and scoring/evaluation documents for Request for Proposal No. 024.20.B5. Submitted
2021-042 I am requesting all email and text message communication between HCPSS allowing Howard County Parks and Recreation and the Columbia Association to set up child care settings for distance learning in… Submitted
2021-041 Please confirm whether or not the Food Service Non Food Supplies bid was renewed for the 2020-2021 school year, and if so send the current price list/renewal pricing? If it has not been renewed and a… Complete
2021-040 I would like any email that the superintendent is included on the to,from,cc,bcc And has my name or anyone in my families name in the email anywhere. This should cover from 8/2018 to present. Submitted
2021-039 I would like any email to or from or cc to Caroline walker with my name or anyone in my families names in it anywhere.
2021-038 I would like any email to or from or cc of and has any of my families names in it. Date range 8/25/2019 to present. Submitted
2021-037 I would like any and all communications to or from Mark Blom that contain anyone from my families name. The date range should be from 8/1/2019 to present! Submitted
2021-036 I would like any and all communications to or from Patrick Saunderson that contain anyone from my families name. The date range should be from 8/1/2019 to present! Submitted
2021-035 I would like all communications to from or cc with sally dorman that includes anyone in my families name. date range 8/1/2019 to present! Submitted
2021-034 All electronic communications, excluding email, related directly or indirectly to HCPSS affairs sent or received by Sabina Taj using either her personal phone, official HCPSS phone, personal computer… Submitted
2021-033 Seeking X. Complete
2021-032 2019-2020 payments made to non public schools that HCPSS students attend pre and post pandemic. In particular to Kennedy Krieger, St. Elizabeths, Schaefer Center and Trellis. Please include an… Submitted
2021-031 I would like all agreements for use of HCPSS facilities for daycare this fall 2020. I am looking for the costs that Columbia Association and any other daycare provider that is using the schools… Complete
2021-030 Please provide any documents related to any easements and/or agreements at the Wilde Lake Middle/High School related to the Columbia Flier Building, specifically including but not limited to the… Submitted
2021-029 I request the written record retention schedule for Board member communication about public issues on personal electronic devices & media (e.g. personal phones, personal online messenger accounts… Complete
2021-028 Seeking X. Complete
2021-027 Seeking X. Complete
2021-026 Requesting the amount paid by the requester of MPIA 2019-068 and all electronic messages sent and received between MPIA office and person who submitted this MPIA. Complete
2021-025 CEPT team members have referred to the results they have seen from students placed at the High Roads Academy (Laurel location) and the Baltimore Lab School. I am requesting copies of any and all… In Progress
2021-024 In accordance with the terms of the Maryland Public Information Act, I wish to obtain information regarding any sums of money that may have been received by the Howard County Public Schools from July… Complete
2021-023 I would like any email between any Central office staff to include the BOE members. with My name in it or x. Between 8/31/2019 and 7/23/2020. Waiting for Clarification
2021-022 I would like the policy for who has access to Tienet and any other special Education student files. This should include all safeguards. Complete
2021-021 Seeking X Complete
2021-020 Under the Maryland Public Records law, I am requesting a list of any escheated and/or unclaimed funds your office is currently holding that has been received within the previous 30 months. Complete
2021-019 Request of email correspondence between Kris Woodson (Student reassignment office) and myself. Complete