Submitted 2019 MPIA Requests

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2019-172 Per Policy 1090 which states: The HCPSS will provide annual professional development for employees and contract service providers on the substance of this policy. This professional development will… Complete
2019-171 I am requesting a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between HCPSS and the Smiles Program providing onsite dental services to students. Complete
2019-170 Records related to student X. Complete
2019-169 Please provide the number of false bullying reports by school for the school years 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019. Complete
2019-168 I am requesting all email communication and written notes regarding X. Complete
2019-167 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I respectfully request a list of all escheated funds which the Board of Education for your county/city has received from probate cases that were… Complete
2019-166 Please supply a list of the current HCPSS busses used for students to go to private school. The list should include the bus number, what private school it goes to, each bus stop location and time of… Complete
2019-165 I would like to request the following documents:
- Previous Howard County Public School System RFP for Alternative Transportation Service for Select Students (the RFP before 019.19.B3 was…
2019-164 The HCPSS website links a bullying form for students and parents which lists the distribution as the principal's confidential file.…
2019-163 I am writing to request information on the sum of fossil fuels consumed by Howard County Public School System in 2018:
Gallons of gasoline
Gallons of Diesel fuel
Gallons of #2…
2019-162 Please supply the name of the consulting group that will be helping the school system with redistricting this summer. If a consultant has not be hired, please list the consulting groups that are… Complete
2019-161 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I would like to inspect any public records in your custody pertaining to summary information regarding teacher evaluations (e.g., highly effective,… Complete
2019-160 I am requesting any document containing the procedure codes used to bill for the $1,323,220.97 Medicaid State funding for special education temporary employees provided in mpia request number 2019 -… Complete
2019-159 For the Non-Public Placement and Local Priority Flexibility grants, please provide the most recent required MSDE report. Complete
2019-158 Please supply in excel format, for all HCPSS Middle and High schools for the past 10 school years: the number of students late to school, the number of student absent from school and the average… Complete
2019-157 Please provide the latest spreadsheet showing the deferred maintenance items, deferred maintenance costs, and facility condition indices for each facility in the system. Please provide planned… Complete
2019-156 I am requesting the accounts from which nonpublic placements for students with disabilities were funded in FY2018 and the amounts from each funding account. Complete
2019-155 I am requesting the most recent external evaluation documents for Medicaid and Medicaid State grants listed in the grant report from the board meeting on January 24, 2019 (similar to MPIA 2019-139). Complete
2019-154 Documents regarding student X. Complete
2019-153 I am requesting documents related to all payments to the Maryland Association of Boards of Education for FY2019. Complete
2019-152 The Code of Maryland Regulation 13A.03.02.12 defines the high school year as 180 days with a minimum requirement of 1,170 hours during a ten-month period. On a normal high school day, students begin… Complete
2019-151 I am requesting all forms, memos, policies for psychologists that relate to the definition and identification of specific learning disorders in reading, math, and writing. Complete
2019-150 I am requesting any document that shows the increases for hcpss teachers and staff in the form of cost of living, step increases, or any percentage for each group as a whole (i.e., no individual… Complete
2019-149 I would like to request copies of all of the written testimonies about the Reading Recovery program that the BOE has received during the current budget cycles. Complete
2019-148 Board of Education 2020 Budget work session question and answer #418 states the following:
Question # 418
OBRC WS#4 Temp Employees: There are three main contracts that are used to…