Submitted 2019 MPIA Requests

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2019-072 By law, the HCPSS end of fiscal FY18 audit had to be complete by September 30, 2018. It was the results of this audit that led to the statement from HCPSS that the deficit is now $37M (not $50M). I… Complete
2019-071 I am requesting the enrollment data for each HCPSS school from the official September 30, 2018 report due to MSDE. Complete
2019-070 In the document titled "Projection Accuracy Report" dated February 22, 2018; the following is stated concerning projections: The projection methodology used by the HCPSS is based on… Complete
2019-069 I am requesting the Fire Evacuation Drill logs for Howard County High Schools for the last 5 years. Here is an example of such logs in Montgomery County Public Schools: https://www.… Complete
2019-068 I am requesting copies of all correspondence with the Board of Education or any individual member, Dr. Martirano, or HCPSS staff, mentioning or discussing any of the following:

2019-067 I am requesting any documents that list the number of Long Reach, Centennial, and Howard High students who began this school year as part of the Jump Start program. Also include the number from each… Complete
2019-066 Please provide the number of Central Office Secretaries who were administratively transferred three times between July 1, 2014 and April 30, 2016. Complete
2019-065 Enrollment numbers for current fourth grade math classes at West Friendship Elementary. Complete
2019-064 In order to better meet the needs of Howard County Public School System and the surrounding districts in the future, we are respectfully requesting a complete copy of the awarded vendor's (CDWG… Complete
2019-063 Current listing of seniors and juniors in Howard Community high schools. Complete
2019-062 Please provide the Ilchester Elementary School cheetah mascot logo in the highest resolution available. PNG format with a transparent background is preferred. Thank you! Complete
2019-061 Since bullying and false bullying incidents are numbers reported to the state, I am requesting any documents listing the number of bullying forms and the number of student statement forms filled out… Complete
2019-060 In response to MPIA request 2019-032 HCPSS claims it would take "32.8 hours of work" to identify emails sent to parents regarding mold in schools, even when the request was scaled back to… Complete
2019-059 HCPSS personnel salaries (including name and position) for those located at Ascend One. Complete
2019-058 The MPIA response to request 2018-230 lists the salary for the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Affairs as $163,200. The MPIA response to request 2019-022 lists the salary for the Deputy… Complete
2019-057 I am requesting a comprehensive listing of all employees in the Howard County Public School System as of 4 September 2018. My format preference is excel e-mailed to me.

The data fields…
2019-056 I am requesting information on all 3 JROTC programs currently at HCPSS. Please provide data broken out per school program as to the following:
Number of students total participating as of 4…
2019-055 I am requesting any information on Cued speech related both to use for students in the past 5 years in elementary, middle, and high school and trainings and/or education for HCPSS.

2019-054 I am requesting data showing how many FM systems were used with students in elementary, middle, and high schools over the past 5 years. Also any policy or procedural information related to FM systems… Complete
2019-053 I am requesting all HCPSS MPIA requests by and the corresponding responses to Baltimore Sun reporters from 2016 to the present. Complete
2019-052 In the following document, two "Community" committees or Task Forces are mentioned:$file/07%2012%202018%20Horizon%… Complete
2019-051 I am requesting any and all documents (email, letter, memo, etc.) provided to HCPSS staff that directs or suggests how teachers introduce and/or provide instruction to students about the youth risk… Complete
2019-050 In order to better meet the needs of Howard County Public School System and the surrounding districts in the future, we are respectfully requesting through the state open records law the following… Complete
2019-049 Please provide the number of walkers to each school for this school year. Complete
2019-048 I request the contents of all direct messages, from 2017 and 2018, sent to and from the following five Twitter accounts which are the property of HCPSS as defined in BOE Policy 8080 Section IV.C.1: @… Complete