HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-007

Requested Information
I am requesting a list of all candidates (for Superintendent), the dates they were contacted or themselves made contact, who each candidate spoke with, where their interview was held and how they were notified of this pending parting of ways. I am requesting copies of all emails, phone records or other correspondence and ask that it be provided in an electronic format so it may be released to the public via Howardpubliced.
Response Notes

We have found no other responsive records containing a list of candidates, dates of contact, or interviews related to the position of Interim/Acting Superintendent. Under the MPIA a government entity is only required to produce existing public records.

Responsive Documents
Email correspondence from the Board of Education Chairman, sent July 5, 2017, indicating what contacts were made related to the position of Interim/Acting Superintendent. Pursuant to MPIA GP ยง 4-330, personally identifiable information such as names and email addresses for citizens contained in this document have been redacted.

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