HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-025

Requested Information
I am requesting data on the number of students at each school in the Oakland Mills High feeder cluster attending the schools from outside of the school's attendance area, broken down by school, with the proportion of those students receiving FARMS at each school. I am also requesting the methodology, data, and documentation behind the Office of Planning's effort to validate the data and explain the FARMS rate discrepancies in the data provided to the Area Attendance Committee.
Response Notes

While 2016-2017 enrollment vs. attendance area numbers specifically for the schools in question could be compared to find those attending from outside an attendance area and further analyzed by the portion receiving FARMs, it is not data currently used by School Planning. We determined it would require programming by our Information Technology Office to query the report from our database, as it’s not currently used in the course of normal business – which we would consider creating a new record outside the scope of the MPIA.

For reference, feed reports as used by the Office of School Planning for the feasibility study can be found at http://www.hcpss.org/f/schoolplanning/aac/existing-feasibility-study-feed-report.pdf. These reports show the percent of each school from each of its feeders. Please note that each school is fed by numerous schools from the lower level. An elementary school may go to two separate middle schools and a middle school may go to two high schools. For instance, while an elementary school is a feeder to a middle school that feeds Oakland Mills High School (OMHS), it doesn’t mean that all of those elementary students will end up at OMHS.

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