HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-105

Requested Information
Could you please send me the Attendance Polygon maps ( or tables) based on the previous two last redistricting?
Response Notes

Prior to the 2010 redistricting, the last two movements happened at the high school level in 2005 for the opening of Marriotts Ridge High School, and 2002 for Reservoir High School – those maps are available in the School Planning Office in large paper format only. You are welcome to schedule a mutually agreeable time to review these maps in person, or per MPIA GP § 4-206(d)(2) we can discuss the costs to have such documents duplicated at an outside facility. For any questions regarding the maps or concerns about the planning process, please contact the Office of School Planning at 410-313-7184 or SchoolPlanning@hcpss.org.

Responsive Documents
The School Planning Office indicates the last redistricting at the high school level happened in 2010 to redistrict the areas shown in green to the assignments shown following several years of open enrollment.

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