HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-231

Requested Information
Please provide the following:
1) List of each HCPSS school and the number of students associated with each of the 3 Reassignment categories in Policy 9000 and that do not take into account the school enrollment numbers before reassignment,
2) List of each HPCSS schools and number of students for the "Other" category, and
3) Definition and selection criteria for each "other" category,
4) The total number and per county number of out-of-County foster students for which the HCPSS is supposed to receive reimbursement/payment from the student's/guardian's County of residents
5) Which counties are "paid in full"/current on their obligation for Out-of-County student enrollement
6) The current enrollment number of requests that use the building/leasing category to get their students in the HCPSS that never move to that location and what schools they are assigned to
7) The cost to HCPSS for each corresponding category number of out of county and "other" reassignment students, per school, and include specifics re: IEP and/or 504 services.
In Progress

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