HCPSS MPIA Request #2018-429

Requested Information
Please provide a list of Twitter accounts blocked by Interim superintendent Michael J. Martirano on the account he refers to as his official account and on which he has previously listed his job title: https://twitter.com/mjmsuper

The list can be screenshots or a printout of https://twitter.com/settings/blocked
or another format.

Also, if the account https://twitter.com/hcpss has blocked any accounts on Twitter or on other social media platforms, please provide a list of those accounts as well. Thank you.
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, the screenshot below indicates there are no blocked accounts on HCPSS’ official Twitter account @HCPSS. 

Additionally, as a personal social media account of Dr. Martirano, the @mjmsuper Twitter account does not fall within the purview of the Maryland Public Information Act. UPDATED RESPONSE: Based upon new information and a re-examination of the applicability of the MPIA to the joint public-private use of the account in this instance, we have re-considered our response: Responsive to this request, no accounts are currently blocked by the @mjmsuper Twitter account. While Dr. Martirano indicates accounts have been previously blocked, there are no responsive records available as the Twitter interface only tracks the current status of blocked accounts.

Responsive Documents

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