HCPSS MPIA Request #2019-122

Requested Information
I would like to know the policies and procedures for determining when schools close (county wide) based on inclement weather. This would include timing of public notification, factors involved in the decision, and names and titles of administrative personnel who are involved in the analysis and decision-making process. Additionally - I would like a copy of any documentation (weather assessments, emails, memos, etc.) related to the initial delay on 1/30/2019 AND to the eventual closure on 1/30/2019.
Date Received
Response Notes

An additional record, the HCPSS Emergency Operations Plan โ€“ Functional Annexes, contains weather response procedures, was withheld under MPIA GP ยง 4-352, which indicates an agency may deny inspection of response procedures or plans prepared to prevent or respond to emergency situations, the disclosure of which would reveal vulnerability assessments, specific tactics, specific emergency procedures, or specific security procedures.

The actual recommendation and decision is made via phone and/or personal contact between Operations staff and the Superintendent or designee, therefore there is no available record of those discussions for 1/30.

Responsive Documents
Emails related to and/or used in the decision to delay/close schools due to the weather on 1/30.

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