HCPSS MPIA Request #2019-148

Requested Information
Board of Education 2020 Budget work session question and answer #418 states the following:
Question # 418
OBRC WS#4 Temp Employees: There are three main contracts that are used to provide Temporary Employees (TEs) in Special Education. Where is the budget item found in the budget?
Response:Contracted services for temporary employees are supplied by three agencies. The suppliers are Social Service Consultants LTD, Delta T Group, and Mission One (Educational School Solutions). Funds to cover agency employee costs reside in three different places.
• Operating budget, program 3321 Special Education (page 338), Contracted Labor Operating budget,
• program 3324 Birth-Five Intervention Services (page 345) Contracted Labor, and;
• Grants including Medicaid, Passthrough, and Preschool Passthrough
I am requesting the amount paid to just the Social Services Consultants contractor in FY2018 and the total amount from each program and budget line item listed above from which funds were paid in that year. (The fund accountability and transparency - vendor payments database lists the total paid to Social Services Consultants in FY2018 as $3,082,518.)
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