HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-063

Requested Information
I am looking for a digital copy of Dreambox's response to RFP #065.19.V5 Adaptive Elementary Mathematics Software Solution.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Per clarification to narrow the requested portions of the proposal to the Technical Proposal and Price Proposal, we have provided those records. Under MPIA GP § 4-335, which prevents disclosure of confidential trade secret, commercial or financial records furnished by an outside unit, unique/line item pricing, outside that used as final per-site pricing in the calculation of the awarded contract with HCPSS, has been redacted as it has the potential to cause harm to the competitive position of the vendor from whom the information was obtained. Additionally, under MPIA GP § 4-335 as well as MPIA GP § 4-310 which protects letters of reference, such information has been redacted from pages 92-93 of the Technical Proposal.

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