HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-212

Requested Information
I would like, in xlsx or CSV format, all standardized test scores, by Polygon and Level for Howard County.

Data Elements I would like to be included:
Standardized performance tests, All (PARCC, MCAP and PSAT, SAT etc...)
Polygon, All (in Howard County) differentiated by level (ie. Grade or ES, MS, HS )
Format: Excel or CSV format
Period: 5 years (10 years if possible)
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, no existing data computes standardized test scores as requested by polygon. At the polygon level used for the boundary review process the only data used is that found on our website: https://www.hcpss.org/school-planning/boundary-review/process/#feasibility-study under Data Downloads and specifically in the FARMs Representation table it includes reading and math (PARCC) proficiency by polygon and level. Please note, under the MPIA process, and as advised in the Fourteenth Edition of the Maryland Public Information Act Manual created by Maryland’s Office of the Attorney General, an agency is only obligated to produce existing records and is not required to generate new data or summarize data.

For reference, available data on state standardized test scores, calculated by the Maryland State Department of Education and reported publically through the Maryland Report Card, can be viewed by school or by district. The online version allows you to break down subjects by services and see trends over the years: https://reportcard.msde.maryland.gov/Graphs/#/Assessments/ElaPerformance/1EL/3/6/3/3/13/XXXX. Testing data by year going back ten years can also be found under their Data Downloads: https://reportcard.msde.maryland.gov/Graphs/#/DataDownloads/datadownload/3/17/6/13/XXXX

SAT and ACT performance is reported annually to the Board of Education of Howard County, with the most recent report presented on January 10, 2019: https://www.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/B83LJD51E610/$file/01%2010%202019%20Class%20of%202018%20SAT%20%20ACT%20Participation%20Performance%20and%20Three-Year%20Trends%20BR.pdf. Links to such reports for the past ten years can also be found under our response to MPIA 2020-116: https://mpia.hcpss.org/requests/2020-116.

For PSAT data, we recently replied to a request that included existing reports produced by our Research Office and sent to the Board of Education that provide comprehensive data on PSAT available since 2013: https://mpia.hcpss.org/requests/2020-108.

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