HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-215

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The board is attempting to address the overcrowding along with a concentration of students from low income backgrounds in low performing schools. One indicator is the free lunch program.

My concern is that the board is not making public at the same time plans to address the following questionable issues.

How will Math - science - language - history - compute science- STEM programs & physical characteristics of Howard Co. school be made functional the same with respect to students.

I am including Music/art - programs/instruments concert participation

What will be put in place to support the transition of students with above average grade performance being moved to a low performing school environment - the same question applies to the reverse low to high

When/how will teachers - administrators with positive results in very low performing schools from other school systems or Howard co. be recruited to low performing schools. Will the board support pay/benefits to attract personnel with this type of CV & perormance background

Will/when/how will the board put forth a plan to support kids who return home to a less than supportive home environment when compared to kids from a higher income home environment - I realize some of these issue may not be the mandate of the board -- that is why I include a support pathway of how/ when = will the board address with pertinent part of Howard Co government & the Howard co. community?

will I as a citizen that has been invited to comment received some sort of status report on progress made of the above?
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For reference, to submit thoughts/comments to or solicit feedback from the Board please use the email boe@hcpss.org which will reach all of the Board members collectively.

Additionally, over the next several months, system and school leaders will plan for staffing reallocations and other necessary adjustments, acclimate students and families transitioning to a new school community, and prepare to accommodate student needs. More information about how students will be supported is provided online.

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