HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-297

Requested Information
In response to Request #2020-231, the only training materials that exist related to Policy 9260 (as attached in responsive documents to the Request), are over 5 years old and are no longer in use as stated. Furthermore, it is stated that there is no record of training that took place for school staff and administration on how to conduct a search of students that follows the policy and the law. So we can only assume that such training, if it even ever took place, was not done with updated information nor performed consistently and regularly throughout HCPSS in recent years to ensure the protection of the rights of students and the safety of all students and staff, and certainly not in any years after the 2014 materials were created.
• On a broader scope, what trainings do take place system-wide on a periodic basis? How is attendance tracked and documented? What is the frequency of such training?
• Specific to these policies listed below which directly or indirectly affect student physical and emotional safety and rights (as well as the safety of school staff), please provide copies of the materials used to train HCPSS employees and a record of dates on which the related trainings took place for the most recent three school years and which employees are required to attend. As these listed here are only some examples, please feel free to include the same information for any other policies not identified here which also directly or indirectly affect safety.

• Policy 1010- Anti-Discrimination
• Policy 1020- Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment, and Sexual Misconduct
• Policy 1030- Child Abuse and Neglect
• Policy 1040- Safe and Supportive Schools
• Policy 1050- Tobacco-Free Environment
• Policy 1060- Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harrassment or Intimidation
• Policy 1070- Protections and Supports for Foreign-Born Students and Families
• Policy 3010- Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Policy 3020- Trespassing or Willful Disturbance
• Policy 5120- Communicable Diseases- Prevention and Control
• Policy 5200- Pupil Transportation
• Policy 7030- Employee Conduct and Discipline
• Policy 7040- Alcohol and Noncontrolled Substance Abuse by Employees
• Policy 7050- Drug Use by Employees: Illegal Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia and Controlled Substances
• Policy 8030- Responsible Use of Technology and Social Media
• Policy 8100- Field Trips
• Policy 9020- Students' Rights and Responsibilities
• Policy 9200 - Student Discipline
• Policy 9230- Alcohol, Other Drugs, Prescription Medication and Over-the-Counter Products
• Policy 9250- Weapons
• Policy 9270- Student Assault and/or Battery on Employees
• Policy 9280- School Use of Community or Reportable Offenses
• Policy 9290- Gangs, Gang Activity, and Similar Destructive or Delinquent Group Behavior
• Policy 9300- Homeless Children and Youth
• Policy 9400- Student Behavior Intervention
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