HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-300

Requested Information
I am requesting electronic copies of all email and text communication (if available) between Maureen Evans Arthurs and BOE members, Sabina Taj, Mavis Ellis, Jennifer Mallo, Kirsten Coombs, and/or Superintendent Martirano for the time period of November 1 2018 through December 18 2019 where the search terms below are also present in the subject or body of the email.

The search terms are:
1. Redistricting
2. Equity
3. Waterloo Elementary School
5. Waterloo
6. Brampton Hills
7. Inequity
9. Support
10. Election
11. Wheatfield

Regarding the email communication, this request is for electronic copies of:
(1) Any emails in which the search term ‘Maureen Evans Arthurs’ appears in the subject line or body of any email in the email accounts belonging to Dr. Martirano or any Board of Education member, for the time period of November 1 2018 through December 18 2019.
Date Received
Response Notes

No clarification received within 30 days to narrow/continue response.

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