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I am looking for the current reading Bench Mark used to confirm on grade level for Reading in ES.
is it still F&P?
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Responsive to this request, please find attached the current instructional level placement guides for elementary language arts. These records provides guidance for determining students’ instructional level in reading and assists teachers in measuring whether a student is On, Above, or Below grade level. Teachers utilize the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System as one indicator/progress monitoring tool for grades 1-5. The assessment system provides teachers with precise tools and texts to observe and quantify specific reading behaviors, and then interpret and use that data to plan meaningful instruction for each student. The benchmark assessments are analyzed by reviewing miscues during oral reading and comprehension of text is determined by having students respond to questions that are within the text, beyond the text and about the text. Please note, our Curriculum Office indicates grades Pre-K-1, as this is a time of reading development, is fluid and students are expected to gain proficiency at different rates. While we have quarterly and end-of-year reading benchmarks for students in Kindergarten students are not identified as at risk for reading failure if benchmarks are not met. Teachers and schools monitor and support students not meeting quarterly and end-of-year benchmarks in a variety of ways. At the end of the first marking period in grade one, a student’s reading level is marked as On, Above or Below grade level on the report card.

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