HCPSS MPIA Request #2020-364

Requested Information
     During the March 26, 2020 HCPSS Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to approve bid #038.20.B3 as recommended by Douglas Pindell, HCPSS Purchasing Director. A fact sheet explaining the bid was supplied to the Board and was identified as Exhibit PC-52.  See https://go.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/BMYLYS58E0CB/$file/03%2026%20202%20Bids%20%26%20Contracts%20BR.pdf
     Mr. Pindell recommended, and the BOE unanimously agreed, to reject the lowest bidder for several school transportation routes. Regardless of bidder, the justification for the rejection was “Exceeded number of routes to accept”. The fact sheet also noted that “Bidders indicate at the time of bid submission the number of routes they would be able to accept. This is factored into the evaluation process to award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.”
     With that context, I am requesting, preferably in electronic format:
1.      The approved bid evaluation process used to recommend bids to the BOE as cited by Mr. Pindell in Exhibit PC-52. Kindly include the weighted factor associated with each metric of the bid evaluation process (weighted rubric) to award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
2.      The bid submission for each of the following vendors for Bid #038.20.B3 inclusive of the number of routes each bidder indicated they would be able to accept.
a.      Woodlawn Motor Coach
b.      Blue Horizons, Inc.
c.      Bowens Bus Service, Inc.
d.      Tip Top Transportation
e.      Trans-White, Inc.
f.       Dents Bus Service
g.      Doreste’s Bus Service, LLC
h.      Mina Transportation 
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, please find attached the section of the #038.20.B3 bid documents which outline the “Basis for Award.” Staff indicates this review/evaluation process starts with the low bid for each route, and then the number of routes the low bidder could accept is factored in. This process is repeated for each route until they exhaust the number of routes the low bidder could accept. Once low bidders are identified, then a second review is done to determine if any 3rd or 4th level awards would produce a lower award amount across all bids and adjust the final recommended “low bidder” for each route.

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