HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-025

Ashley VanCleef
Law For Parents
Requested Information
CEPT team members have referred to the results they have seen from students placed at the High Roads Academy (Laurel location) and the Baltimore Lab School. I am requesting copies of any and all data that supports the results such as progress data, graduation rates, return to home school/lesser restrictive settings, and postsecondary outcomes for students Howard County placed in these two schools over the past three (3) years. Please also consider this a request for the number of students placed in each of these schools which have requested that they be moved to another school based on lack of progress. Lastly, I am requesting copies of any and all documents pertaining to the reading, writing, and math interventions offered as well as training Lab or High Roads Academy staff have received in Orton Gillingham methodology or Orton Gillingham based interventions.
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