HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-126

Abigail Reigle
Rees Broome P.C.
Requested Information
We are requesting documents related to RFP 036.15.B1 and RFP 056.13.B1. Specifically, we are requesting: (1). RFP 036.15.B1 and RFP 056.13.B1 and all responses submitted to Howard County Public Schools, including correspondence, questionnaires, financials, and network analyses for RFP 036.15.B1 and RFP 056.13.B1; (2). Any best and final presentations or responses; (3). Any forms or scoresheets used to evaluate offers for RFP 036.15.B1 and RFP 056.13.B1; (4). Any resulting contract from the award of RFP 036.15.B1 and RFP 056.13.B1.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, per the record below, RFP 036.15.B1 was cancelled before being opened. RFP 056.13.B1 was awarded, then rescinded. You can see information as presented to our Board during various meetings:

No clarification received from requester to continue response.

Responsive Documents