HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-161

John Jay
Requested Information
Request a copy of all course materials for the anti-bias curriculum (the stand-alone comprehensive bias education program for students), and any anti-bias material that has been interwoven into other parts of the curriculum, and course materials for the cultural proficiency (diversity) training for staff. Please identify what budget program funds these training and education programs (e.g., 0106, 4801, 3010, 3030, other?).
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, HCPSS Curriculum staff indicates there is no stand-alone comprehensive anti-bias curriculum being used currently. In regarding to materials within other parts of the curriculum, the existing curriculum does not have specific lessons/resources/materials that were written or provided to solely address anti-bias teaching. For reference, staff indicates the school system has begun a crosswalk to determine which existing language arts, social studies, health, and counseling lessons/resources/materials align to anti-bias curriculum objectives and can be used. Following the completion of the crosswalk, staff anticipates developing additional lessons/resources/materials to address anti-bias teaching.

Per your request regarding materials used for Cultural Proficiency training for staff, the most recent resource guides used in for theses courses are available for review. Please note, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, staff was unable to deliver these courses in the current school year. As these materials were developed for the specific use of these courses, with copyright belonging to both the school system as well as those used with express permission from outside sources, issuance of this response does not convey permission to use/distribute these materials for other purposes. Records can be made available via email/mail.

For reference, we recently responded to a request under MPIA 2021-130 which addressed diversity-related courses for staff including a cultural proficiency component. The budget programs are also noted under that response, 0106 and 4801.

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