HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-178

Rachel Heimann
Institute for public service reporting at the UofM
Requested Information
Emails between Donyall Dickey and any employee of the Howard County public school system from the day he ended his employment as Principal of Murray hill Middle School in 2013 to the present. I am willing to narrow this request if this results in an excessive amount of responses.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Attached are releasable emails resulting from a search of the @hcpss system for all mailboxes between the date of Mr. Dickey’s separation through the date of this request that included a participant as those names provided through discussions to date to include “Donyall Dickey,” “Donyall R. Dickey,” and “Dr. Donyall R. Dickey,” along with “Donyall D. Dickey,” and drdickey10@yahoo.com as pulled from a record under a subsequent request, and excluding donyall_dickey@hcpss.org. We have withheld a series of emails which constitute letters of reference and discussions of such references which are exempt under MPIA GP § 4-310. All additional emails located under this search do not constitute public records as the content does not relate to “the transaction of public business” as defined under MPIA GP § 4-101(j).

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