HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-182

Rachel Heimann
Institute for public service reporting at the UofM
Requested Information
I request the comparable records (in updated form for the years listed) that was produced for the Request #2018-237, specifically the document labeled “Copy of Research Requests_2014_2017_.xlsx Summary information on research requests received by HCPSS during school years 2014-present”

I understand that records prior to 2013 may have been displaced by a former employee. However, in the event that it has since been recovered, or can be, I ask that these records be produced for the years 2005-present day. However I understand the circumstances. Thank you!
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, please find attached available summary information on research requests received by HCPSS during school years 2014-present. Please note, this is a working document used for internal tracking purposes and thus content/structure may vary between versions. As noted under the response to MPIA 2018-237, the only prior year information that office has available is the record previously provided from SY2013.

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