HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-223

Ryan Evans
Requested Information
I would like to submit a data request for access to directory information. This includes all students enrolled for the Fall 2020 term at your school. The information I would like includes; Name, address, grade, phone number, E-mail. I am requesting this data in excel/csv format if possible. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Date Received
Response Notes

Requests for student directory information are handled through our Public Information Office at publicinfo@hcpss.org in accordance with MPIA 4-313 and as outlined in HCPSS Policy 9050 (see Implementation Procedures VII.A.2): https://policy.hcpss.org/9000/9050/implementation/

*Some request language is summarized to include the requester's specific document requests and legally protected information (such as personally identifiable information of a student) or personal, defamatory and malicious content removed at the discretion of the school system.

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