HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-244

Tanner Fa
K12 Transportation Research
Requested Information
1. A copy of the current transportation contracts (including any
amendments/addendums) with the District's transportation vendor(s).
2. A summary of annual transportation expenses by vendor for 2018-19 and
2019-20 school years.
3. A copy of the District's most recent student transportation RFP and
corresponding RFP responses received from bidders, if any.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, contract bid awards for transportation since our response under MPIA 2020-360 – including contract length, estimated value and type of service – can be found under Bids and Contracts links below. 

Responsive Documents
The most recent Student Transportation RFP was issued last month, with the bid tab of responses found on our Purchasing site here: https://purchasing.hcpss.org/solicitation/030.21.b3, and the original RFP which includes a copy of the contract to be used attached here. Please note, this has not gone to the Board yet for contract award. Under MPIA GP § 4-338, which requires a custodian to deny inspection of information about the security of an information system, we have redacted unique identifiers such as login information.

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