HCPSS MPIA Request #2021-272

Joel Hurewitz
Requested Information
To the extent that the Property discussed at the May 17, 2021 closed meeting of the Board is currently owned by the Board, please provide any documents related to the potential lease as required by the Maryland Attorney General's Open Meetings Act Manual (9th ed., rev. December 2019) Page 4-4 and the Open Meetings Act Compliance Board Opinions discussed therein:

"The exception does not extend to discussions about selling or renting out the public body’s own property. See, e.g., 9 OMCB Opinions 29, 34 (2013) ('Th[e] exception does not apply to discussions about real property the public body already owns.'); 12 OMCB Opinions 10, 12 (2018) (stating that 'the Act does not authorize the members of a public body to dispose of the public body’s real property entirely in the dark,' but instead 'effectively gives public bodies the choice between conducting a competitive bidding process or addressing the matter in a public meeting.')"
Date Received
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Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, please find attached the letter from the Howard County Executive and County Council dated May 14, 2021, with information regarding the referenced property.

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