HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-025

Danielle King
Requested Information
I would like a record of which schools in Howard county have ac in their gyms? When they were installed if they do have? Cost of recent installation of ac units.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, HCPSS Operations staff have pulled the following information regarding schools with air-conditioning in the gymnasiums:

Elementary Schools

1.       Centennial Lane ES.   Installed 2006.

2.       Clemens Crossing ES.  Installed 2008.

3.       Hammond ES.  Installed 1971.

4.       Laurel Woods ES.  Installed 2003.

5.       Phelps Luck ES.  Installed 1972.

6.       Pointers Run ES.  Installed 2020.

7.       Rockburn ES.  Installed 2021.

8.       Worthington ES.  Installed 2007.


Middle Schools

1.       Burleigh Manor MS.  Installed 2021.

2.       Dunloggin MS.  Installed 1998.

3.       Glenwood MS. Installed 2015.

4.       Hammond MS.  Installed 1971.

5.       Harper’s Choice MS.  Installed 1998.

6.       Mount View MS. Installed 2021.

7.       Oakland Mills MS.  Installed 1972.

8.       Patapsco MS.  Installed 1969.

9.       Wilde Lake MS.  Installed 2017.


Additionally, no existing records show the recent cost of an AC unit installation. For reference, typically the construction costs for the HVAC systems are not broken out from the larger costs shown under the mechanical contractors pricing for an entire project, which includes plumbing, HVAC, controls, and associated components (cranes, rental equipment, etc.).

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