HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-027

Jonathan Edelson
Oakland Mills Community Association
Requested Information
Please provide a list of all outstanding deferred maintenance and renovations for the Oakland Mills High School and Oakland Mills Middle School facilities, including the dates from which these repairs or renovations have been deferred.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, below please find attached spreadsheets listing critical building components, equipment and systems that HCPSS Maintenance has documented for these two schools.  Please note that the lists indicate the type of equipment/system, life expectancy (based on manufacturers information and industry standards), the age of the equipment (if known), most recent replacement projects (Cost) and if the item was deferred we have indicated the year it was deferred and estimated cost to replace.

The topic of Deferred Maintenance can be confusing – when most hear of “Deferred Maintenance” they think that the maintenance staff is not performing their responsibilities and that the needs of equipment and systems are not being addressed.  While that can be the case, Maintenance staff assures that HCPSS has a strong preventive maintenance program and our staff is performing preventive maintenance on the equipment and systems in all of our facilities.

We would like to offer the following statements regarding Maintenance Work – Deferred Maintenance as it pertains to HCPSS facilities:

  1. Typical work orders to perform repairs, replace parts or install new parts on our equipment within our facilities. (This is occurring at HCPSS facilities).
  2. Schedule preventive maintenance – tasks required by Manufacturer or industry standards to maintain equipment, systems and facilities in good working order.  This avoids catastrophic failures and other breakdowns that result in loss of instruction. (This is occurring at HCPSS facilities).
  3. Capital Renewal – Deals with end of useful life of a component, structure or system. Replacement of equipment, system or facility is our only option. (These large scale projects are what has been deferred).

The deferred maintenance lists that HCPSS Division of Operations has shared over the last several years indicates deferred maintenance on single component as well as “Renovation and additions Projects” or Capital Renewal of a Facilities (which has mainly been based on capacity needs).  The issue with discussing costs associated with these large scale renovations/additions or replacement projects are they are dependent on an accurate scope of work and the costs estimates are extremely dependent on the bidding landscape at the actual time of the bid.

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