HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-075

Janice J. Stevens
Requested Information
I understand that a Third Amendment (Revised) to the School Bus Contract Between the Board of Education of Howard County and school bus contractors for Howard County was recently signed by the Superintendent and various school bus contractors. I am requesting either a copy of ALL signed contracts, or, at a minimum, a LIST of the school bus contractors that signed the Third Amendment (Revised).
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, below is the list of bus contractors who have signed the third amendment to the school bus contracts as approved by the Board of Education on November 18, 2021:

Adkins Enterprises

B L Corn Inc.

BWA Transportation Inc.

Baruch Transportation Inc.

Bayer Bus Service LLC

Blue Horizons Inc.

Bowens Bus Service Inc.

CTTA Enterprises

Clover Transportation LLC

Walter Daniels Transportation

Dents Bus Service

Dorestes Bus Service LLC

HOB Enterprises LLC

KAM Enterprises Inc.

MBG Enterprises Inc.

Mellors Bus Service Inc.

Mina Transportation

O'Brien Bus Service Inc.

Sharon's Bus Service LLC

Tip Top Transportation Inc.

Torchwood Transportation

Transwhite Inc.

Viennas Transportation Inc.

Sharon A. Ward Inc.

Glenwood G. Whitehead

Gregory S. Whitehead

Woodlawn Motor Coach Inc.

Y & L Transportation Co., Inc.

Vickie A. Cubbage, Inc.

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