HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-090

W. Landry
Requested Information
- List of all Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) operated by HCPSS

- Max Design Flow (gpd) for each WWTP
- Year each WWTP built
- Type of each WWTP (e.g. Sequencing Batch Reactor, Membrane Bioreactor, etc.)
- Cost to build each WWTP

- Minimum actual flow (gpd) each year for last 10 years
- Avg daily flow (gpd) for each year for last 10 years
- Maximum actual flow (gpd) each year for last 10 years

- Actual operating costs for each WWTP each year for last 10 years
- Actual administrative and other non-operating costs for each WWTP each year for last 10 years (e.g. administrative costs, repair/upgrade costs, etc.)
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to your request for administrative/non-operating costs, similar to that provided under the Cost tab of the below spreadsheet specific to Glenelg, for Dayton Oaks, Marriotts Ridge and Triadelphia Ridge WWTPs, no existing records reflect a similar breakdown. Under the assessment formula written into the contract for the operation and maintenance of the Glenelg WWTP, the school system is required to provide breakdown of costs as included in the spreadsheet previously provided. The remaining wastewater facilities operated by the school system, however, do not have such contracts and thus costs are part of that school’s daily maintenance and operations. Please note, under the MPIA process, and as advised in the Sixteenth Edition of the Maryland Public Information Act Manual created by Maryland’s Office of the Attorney General, an agency is only obligated to produce existing records and is not required to generate new data or summarize data.

Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, the attached spreadsheet contains available details, costs and the ten-year span of flow data for each facility. Please note, blanks indicate no data was located from Maryland Environmental Services’ digital files – the Maryland Department of the Environment has a retention of paper copies of Monthly Operating Reports for such facilities for only three years. Additionally, please note costs associated with construction of WWTP cannot be isolated from entire school project cost.

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