HCPSS MPIA Request #2023-012

Kimberly B Ford
Requested Information
I am requesting all emails between the BOE, Superintendent, and his cabinet in the months leading up to this statement being made about the public forum statement that was read at the BOE meeting (read by board chair Vicky Cutroneo on August 16th, 2022)

Date Received
Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, we have collected the attached email correspondence from those individuals noted above and through a search of those mailboxes using keywords from the statement beginning the month before the change in June 2022 and where content discusses the public forum statement used at the BOE meeting. Under both MPIA GP §4-301(1), which requires a custodian to deny inspection of a record if by law the record is privileged or confidential, and MPIA GP § 4-344, which allows a custodian to deny inspection of confidential opinions, deliberations, advice or recommendations from one governmental employee or official to another for the purpose of assisting the latter in the decision-making function, we have made redactions where information constitutes attorney-client communications/work product or deliberations regarding legal matters, and thus are subject to non-disclosure. This includes withholding nine email chains in their entirety.

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