HCPSS MPIA Request #2023-122

Carol Durkee
Columbia Ravens - Nonprofit Youth Sports
Requested Information
I am requesting all records associated with the development of the Draft Policy 10020 (Use of School Facilities) to include a listing of the 2018 Committee members referenced in March 9, 2023, Agenda Item "Overview Section" for the Board of Education.

I am also requesting copies of every Committee meeting agenda, meeting minutes, attendance records, and changes in members of this committee from 2018 to the present for every meeting that was held to discuss and develop this policy.

Please include working papers/documentation provided from Committee members to the actual writing of the policy and any imput/changes provided to HCPSS Policy Office from 2018 to present. I would also like to see any changes or recommendations made by the policy office on the initial draft as well as final draft .

Please include any information distributed to Community Users of Facilities (shared with stakeholders) regarding proposed policy changes from 2018 to the present (written).
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, beyond the records provided below, additional clarification and time would be needed to continue response.

Responsive Documents
2018 Committee language recommendation submitted to the Policy Office at the conclusion of the Committee’s work. Please note, meeting minutes were not taken at the time of these meetings and both Chairs of the Committee no longer work for HCPSS to retrieve any such documents which may have existed at the time.

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