HCPSS MPIA Request #2023-158

Colleen Morris
Howard County Education Association
Requested Information
Please provide all reclassifications completed in FY21, FY22 and FY23. Please include (both pre & post reclass): the date completed, the position title, salary and grade (if applicable). If a reclass was completed for a group of individuals, please include the number of positions within that group.
Thank you.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, please find attached available data on positions reclassified in the past three years. Reclassifications may have resulted in changes to position attributes including position title, job profile, compensation, and/or work schedule. Please note, a reclassification is the redefining of a position to account for changes in duties, responsibilities, or work that significantly alters the nature of the original classification of the position. A reclassification is not a promotion; a promotion is the progression of an employee through a competitive recruitment process into a position with increased responsibility.

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