HCPSS MPIA Request #2024-004

Candice Svogda
Requested Information
Requesting all e-mail correspondence between Marcy Leonard marcy_leonard@hcpss.org and Ohana Howard County AKA OhanaHC (any address @ohanahc.org). Please also include any correspondence between the aformentioned individual and Susan Porter, Steve Porter, Susan Gordon, Diane Freedman and Rashel Taylor.

The time period would be between January 1, 2020 and today.
Date Received
Responsive Documents
Responsive to this request, and per clarification regarding the scope of correspondence sought, please find attached a batch of emails located through a search of the @hcpss email system within the parameters below, and narrowed to those starting with the most recent:
• Date Range
o Between July 1, 2022 and the date of this request
• Mailbox Locations
o Marcy Leonard
• Participants
o @ohanahc.org

The responsive emails include redactions for the following MPIA exemptions:
• Under MPIA GP § 4-330, we have redacted sociological information where it contains personal addresses, phone numbers, and electronic mail addresses and/or has the potential to pose a risk to individual safety or privacy.
• Under MPIA GP § 4-338, which requires a custodian to deny inspection of information about the security of an IT system, we have redacted unique login identifiers as well as password/code information.

Please note, further review would be needed to determine releasability of all links and/or external records noted within the responsive email content itself. Additional time would be needed to continue review of responsive emails from this search.

Beyond the emails provided above which reflected communications made or received in relation to the transaction of school system business, additional emails as well as all calendar items during this timeframe are unresponsive as they would not fall within the purview of a public record of the HCPSS. In particular, MPIA GP § 4-101 (k) (1) (i) defines a public record as the original or any copy of any documentary material that is made by a unit or an instrumentality of the State or of a political subdivision or received by the unit or instrumentality in connection with the transaction of public business. Ms. Leonard indicates her status as a board member for this organization is as an individual community member, and as such, the remaining results were identified as those that would not constitute the transaction of HCPSS business for which records are subject to release by HCPSS under the MPIA.

*Some request language is summarized to include the requester's specific document requests and legally protected information (such as personally identifiable information of a student) or personal, defamatory and malicious content removed at the discretion of the school system.

**Responses containing legally protected information available only to the person of interest are omitted from the above report.

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