HCPSS MPIA Request #2024-010

Colleen Morris
Howard County Education Association
Requested Information
I asked HR for this on June 20th but have not received it yet. Can I please have the job descriptions (which I believe would include the minimum qualifications) for: School Mental Health Tech, Program Assistant Birth-5, OT Assistant, School Mental Heath Specialist, Brialle Transcriber, Customer Service Rep, Learning Managment System Specialist, Medical Building Technician, Policy Analyst, Technical Assistants (Curricular Programs, Digital Education, Fine Arts, IT, Educational Pathways, Early Intervention, Employee Benefits II, Food & Nutrition, GT, Health Services, Operations/Management, Media, Pupil Personnel Services, Professional Development, Processes, Recruitment, Transportation, Title One), Executive Assistant I & II, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Data Inventory Coord, Driver Trainer, School Bus Router, School Planning Specialist, Transportation Professional, Bus Router, Executive Assistant III
Thank you.
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