HCPSS MPIA Request #2024-031

Janey Van de Weghe
Edmentum, Inc.
Requested Information
Edmentum, Inc. is submitting a request for information pertaining to Howard County Public Schools' RFP #116.23.B6 for Cloud-Based Adapted Reading Program that is subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, including full proposal responses of the awarded vendor(s) and any evaluation and/or award documents.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, on September 14, 2023, we provided publicly available information regarding the Cloud-Based Adapted Reading Program with an RFP #116.23.B6 which can be found in the Bids and Contracts report to the Board of Education from August 31, 2023: https://go.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/CV6G5T422CAE/$file/8.31.2023%20Bids%20and%20Contracts%20BR.pdf (see PC-08). Given the recent approval, staff indicates the awarded contract has not yet been finalized at this time. Under MPIA GP ยง 4-344, which allows a custodian to deny inspection of confidential opinions, deliberations, advice or recommendations from one governmental employee or official to another for the purpose of assisting the latter in the decision-making function, we would be unable to release evaluation documents. These records reveal pre-decisional recommendations of the evaluation committee used to inform the award by the Purchasing Office, where release would be contrary to the public interest given its potential to inhibit full and frank discussion in the procurement process. Additional time would be needed to review proposal records.

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