HCPSS MPIA Request #2024-036

Requested Information
The 2017-2020 Special Education strategic plan is listed as having completed in 2018/2019 "Investigate researched-based best practices for instructing for students with ADHD, autism, twice exceptional, etc.".
Please provide the results of this research that includes those best practices.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, staff has identified the research noted in the strategic plan as the purchasing process to expand available ELA resources, materials, and interventions used in the continuum of services for students. Specifically, the following records are available:
• MPIA 2022-007: https://mpia.hcpss.org/requests/2022-007. Under this prior MPIA response available records outline the inclusion of SIPPS in 2019.
• Bids and Contracts Report September 24, 2020: https://go.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/BTJJCX4C3833/$file/09%2024%202020%20Bids%20and%20Contracts%20BR.pdf (see PC-12). The addition of Virtual Comprehensive Training to obtain training for staff on the delivery of the Orton Gillingham approach of phonics in 2020. A subsequent award in November of that year added additional trainings: https://go.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/BXQQHF6850EA/$file/02%2011%202021%20PreK-12%20Reading%20Program%20Update%20BR.pdf.
• Pre-K – 12 Reading Program Update: https://go.boarddocs.com/mabe/hcpssmd/Board.nsf/files/BXQQHF6850EA/$file/02%2011%202021%20PreK-12%20Reading%20Program%20Update%20BR.pdf. Both SIPPS and Orton Gillingham inclusion in the ELA program are outlined in this report.

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