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2020-064 The Superintendent just released a School Attendance Area Adjustment Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. In that school boundary review, one of the goals is to level Free and Reduced-Price Meal (FARM… Submitted
2020-063 I am looking for a digital copy of Dreambox's response to RFP #065.19.V5 Adaptive Elementary Mathematics Software Solution. Submitted
2020-062 1. graduation rate of swansfield elementary school from 2001-2019
2. total budget of swansfield ES, clarksville ES, pointer run ES from 2015-2019
3. The amount of Title I funding…
2020-061 Under the MPIA, I would like to know when was policy 6010 last updated. In addition, please provide the list of changes made as well as the last version of the policy. Complete
2020-060 Could you help provide all county counsel and BoE email communications from May 1, 2019 till today containing any of the the following key words: Redistricting, Desegregation, Equity, Legal, RHHS,… Submitted
2020-059 Pls provide all legal fee payment and all the law firms retained by BoE for the current year. Submitted
2020-058 Pls help provide access to the FULL dataset containing polygon level student number, FARM rate, test score, race, boundary, school and utilization rate etc. which are used by BoE member and its… Submitted
2020-057 Statistics Results of AP Exams 2018 for 12 high schools in Howard County College Board sent to October last year. This statistics contains percentage of AP Exam takers who scores of 3, 4 and 5… Submitted
2020-056 In the superintendents presentation "Attendance Area Adjustment Recommendation" on slide 9, there are two seperate boxes for community input. One for "Community Sessions" and one… Complete
2020-055 Please forward data from the JUMP START 2018-2019 school year including: courses offered at RHHS that are not at the sending high school, number of children who applied and attended RHHS and have… Submitted
2020-054 Requesting FARM percentage per polygon in an excel as well as PDF format for 2018-2019. Complete
2020-053 Concerning the Superintendent's Attendance Area Adjustment Plan dated 8/20/2019, can post measures chart (similar to page 84 of the 2019 Feasibility Study) and the assessment per the 6010 policy… Complete
2020-052 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act (“MPIA”), Md. Code, General Provisions § 4-101 et seq., I hereby request copies of all solicitation materials, contracts and instructions associated… Submitted
2020-051 I would like to place a Freedom of Information Request for all Special Needs transportation contracts for Howard County Public Schools, which cover the 2019-2020 school year and includes the… Complete
2020-050 Provide provide in Excel format Dr Martirano's proposed school assignments by polygon for ES, MS and HS for SY20-21. Complete
2020-049 Please release the job posting for superintendent including qualifications. Also release the interview, investigation record about Michael Martirano during his hiring process. Regards Complete
2020-048 Please provide in an excel format the proposed school assignments by Dr. Martirano for SY20-21 at ES, MS and HS level by polygon. Complete
2020-047 The Superintendent just released a School Attendance Area Adjustment Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. In that school boundary review, one of the goals is to level Free and Reduced-Price Meal (FARM… Complete
2020-046 I would like to file a Maryland Public Information Request for the following:

Number of incidents of bullying, harassment or intimidation reported to the Howard County School system…
2020-045 I am requesting the following records from Montgomery County Public Schools.

I understand that the school district pays an outside company to pick up, examine and recondition each…
2020-044 Please provide the superintendents boundary adjustment presentation that was prepared for the August 20, 2019 board of education meeting. Complete
2020-043 I am requesting emails from and to Board of Education members (inbox, sent mail, and trash folders) from and to County Council members and their staff members related to the desegregation resolution… Complete
2020-042 I am requesting all email requests for information from County Council members and their staff and email responses provided by Kathy Hanks in the last 2 months. Complete
2020-041 Under the Maryland Public Information Act Title 4, I request records the following records: Any emails with the subject line “Councilmembers Mercer Rigby, Jones and Jung Call on Howard County Public… Complete
2020-040 Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act, I am requesting a list of all vacant paraeducator positions as of August 12, 2019 by School/Worksite, Total FTE, and Paraeducator Job Type (e.g.… Complete