Current Requests

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2024-109 I am requesting a list of staff members employed in schools in your state. This should include staff members from all schools in each district, including the staff members' names, their… Complete
2024-108 I am requesting documents (including hard copy submissions, emails and attachments - with student names redacted) to and from Elementary School Instructional Facilitators Jessica Hanauer, Jessica… Complete
2024-107 Any and all documents related to the HCPSS' position, regulations, and/or policies on who can view bus videos including but not limited to committee notes, agendas, Board documents, emails… Complete
2024-106 What was the reason for emergency vehicles at pointers run elementary the day of Monday 1/8/24, beyond the blanketed “staff health concern”?

2024-105 Regarding X. Complete
2024-104 Regarding X. Complete
2024-103 I would like to request all copies of chromebook purchase contracts brought forward to the board for approval during 2022 and 2023.

Thank you.
2024-102 I am requesting the following information:
1. Records listing names of staff who received the HCPSS restraint training (Safety-Care or other) or Ukeru training by school for the 2022-2023 and…
2024-101 I am sending an official request for public information regarding special education services in the following areas:

1a. Who are the companies currently contracted to provide Speech-…
2024-100 Please provide me with the monetary amount (or other considerations such as grants to a person or an institution or a nonprofit or publisher) that was paid by the District to sponsor author Shuyler… Complete
2024-099 In November of 2023, Bonnie Branch Middle School conducted a survey of the student body. The survey was meant to assess how safe (or not) students felt in school. I would like a copy of the survey… Complete
2024-098 I'm requesting the current enrollment of Howard County Public Schools. Complete
2024-097 Please provide copies of surveys including all questions given to elementary, middle and high school students. Thank you in advance. Complete
2024-096 SmartProcure is submitting a Public Information Act (PIA) request as defined by Md. Code Ann to the Howard County Public Schools for any and all purchasing records from 6/30/2020 to current.… Complete
2024-095 We are submitting a FOIA request to your organization for all purchasing records for school bus parts from Sept 1, 2023, to the present for Howard County Public Schools. The request is limited to… Complete
2024-094 Good morning. On behalf of the Baltimore Post Examiner, I am submitting a Public Information Act request to receive the following information from Howard County County Public Schools (HCPS) in a… Complete
2024-093 Please provide HCPSS definition of the term "benchmark score" as is used when discussing MAP test scores. A concrete example would be appropriate. For example, for the benchmark scores… Complete
2024-092 I am requesting the formal criteria for evaluation of the HCPSS Superintendent for the last 7 years. I am not requesting the evaluation results, only the evaluation templates. Complete
2024-091 Please provide all correspondence (text or email) to or from HCPSS Board members about Board appointment slots, time allotments, and agenda changes for Board of Education meetings, between the dates… Complete
2024-090 Please provide the: continuous service date, first & last name, business title, job profile, weekly hours, FTE status, FY24 days worked, supervisory organization, compensation grade, compensation… Complete
2024-089 I am requesting all email correspondence between Atholton Principal Novak and Judith Jones, dated between 10/7/2023 until 11/15/2023 Complete
2024-088 Under MPIA, I would like HCPSS to provide the number of HCPSS graduates accepted at Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard… Complete
2024-087 Benchmark MAP scores for 3rd and 4th grades in Howard County Public Schools from 2021 to 2023.

Benchmark MCAP scores for 3rd grade in Howard County Public Schools from 2021 to 2023.…
2024-086 Regarding X. Complete
2024-085 I'm requesting details on the Jump Start program between HCPSS and the Howard County Community College.

I'd like to know:
1) The total number of students that have…