Submitted MPIA Requests

Review summary information, status, and responsive documents for each MPIA request submitted to HCPSS since July 1, 2017.

Tracking Number Sort ascending Requested Information Status
2018-385 For each of the last three academic years completed (2015-2017) provide number of students arrested… Submitted
2018-384 More information on arrests of students on school grounds is requested. In addition to request… Complete
2018-383 Regarding this announcement:…
2018-382 For MPIA Request 2018-224, please identify the meaning of the codes 5, 300, and 2000 in the race… Complete
2018-381 The gifts and donations database as it is defined on BoardDocs. District Policy and Regulation… Waiting for Clarification
2018-380 Settlements, monetary or otherwise, paid out by Baltimore City Public Schools for any and all… Complete
2018-379 Travel costs, for professional development or otherwise, incurred by Baltimore City Public Schools… In Progress
2018-378 Under the Maryland Public Records law, I am requesting the a list of any unclaimed funds your… Complete
2018-377 I am requesting, preferably in electronic format:
1. The RFP for the data warehouse…
2018-376 This is a test of the HCPSS MPIA system. Complete