Current Requests

Tracking Number Sort ascending Request Status
2020-286 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-285 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-284 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-283 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-282 I would like to request a report showing the salaries of all employees in HCPSS including stipends, overtime, and any other payments that would be reflected on an employees W2. Submitted
2020-281 I would like documents (electronic, paper, or otherwise) that detail what the "consolidated" plan was for elementary schools that was used for the basis of the work sessions, including… Submitted
2020-280 I am requesting all text messages to and from Board Members during the November 21, 2019 board meeting. In Progress
2020-279 I request to know the name of the individual(s) who submitted MPIA request #2020-271, 2020-235, 2020-221, 2020-207, 2020-023, 2020-060. Complete
2020-278 Please provide all draft school redistricting plans that were sent to any HCPSS Board of Education members by Superintendent Martirano, the Deputy Superintendent, the Office of School Planning, and/… Complete
2020-277 I respectfully request electronic copies of all correspondence, including electronic mail, text messages and private messages (e.g. Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc.), between Candace Dodson-… In Progress
2020-276 In response to Request #2020-231, reference was made to "newly implemented administrative procedures related to system-wide MOU tracking" as being included in the response. In regards to… Complete
2020-275 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-274 During the October 17th, 2019 Board of Education public meeting, the superintendent stated "we have been very intentional about defining our needs for technology."
Therefore, I am…
2020-273 Documents regarding X. In Progress
2020-272 I am requesting any notes taken at any time and meeting minutes documented by Board of Ed members, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Board Administrators about the "behind closed door… In Progress
2020-271 I request to know the name of the individual(s) who submitted MPIA request #2020-264. Complete
2020-270 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-269 Removed - Spam Complete
2020-268 I would like all emails sent from with the subject, PRES moves to SES (swansfield) or anything related to meeting with the BOE members for Pointers United Complete
2020-267 I would like any emails related to redistricting from Mavis Ellis private email As we have seen from MPIA's with the County Council Ms. Ellis uses this private email for… Complete
2020-266 I would like all text messages, to or from BOE members Taj,Mallo,Ellis, or Coombs that have any of the following in them. 1064,64,129,1129,PRES, or SES between 10/1/19 and 11/22/19 Complete
2020-265 I request electronic copies of all emails, text messages, written letters, and notes between Tom Coale (also known as Thomas Coale, Thomas G. Cole) and Councilwoman Christiana Mercer-Rigby and/or her… Complete
2020-264 I respectfully request electronic copies of all correspondence, including electronic messages, handwritten notes & letters, and text messages, between Candace Dodson-Reed & Councilwoman… Complete
2020-263 It is requested to provide all email correspondence, and text messages exchanged amongst HCPSS BoE members about Polygon 1171 be provided to requester. Date range for search is August 1, 2019 to… Complete
2020-262 Removed - Spam