HCPSS MPIA Request #2022-107

Janis Farese
American Transparency
Requested Information
I am requesting a copy of the following records: A report in pdf, csv, or xls format of all employees and gross wages for fiscal year 2021: Payroll/wage summary report. Each employee record should contain first name, last name, title/position, hire date, and gross annual wages.
Date Received
Response Notes

Responsive to this request, previous records provided under MPIA 2022-058: https://mpia.hcpss.org/requests/2022-058 (as of November 2021) for those currently employed contain name, years of experience, position/job title and estimated salary for the most recent school year.

Responsive Documents
The attached document, compiled by our Payroll Office, contains gross and overtime amounts for payments made by HCPSS to an individual during the 2021 calendar year to align with the timeframe of the current school year data above. Please note, no bonus category is paid by HCPSS.

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