Submitted 2018 MPIA Requests

Tracking Number Sort ascending Request Status
2018-011 We’re doing a cost analysis for talent management systems at and are requesting contracts for the following software systems:  Applicant Tracking (ATS), Performance/ Talent… Complete
2018-010 It appears to contain in large part about 6 inches of material data mined from various published sources therefor there is very little which should be redacted. I am requesting an electronic copy of… Complete
2018-009 This is a request under the Maryland Public Information Act, State Government Article §§10-611 to 628. Per this request, I wish to receive copies of all separation agreements between the Howard… Complete
2018-008 I am requesting the list of nonpublic special education utilized by HCPSS in school year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. Complete
2018-007 I am requesting a list of all candidates (for Superintendent), the dates they were contacted or themselves made contact, who each candidate spoke with, where their interview was held and how they… Complete
2018-006 Total number of middle school and high school teachers, sorted by school level, and class taught. For example, how many teachers currently teach English 10 across the county, how many teachers… Complete
2018-005 Resumes of Middle and High School Principals and Vice Principals - Please provide an electronically view-able copy of each Middle School Principal and Assistant Principal's resume. Additionally… Complete
2018-004 HCPSS recently presented a redistricting plan that included an extensive spatial analysis of school attendance areas. We are familiar with the documentation currently provided by HCPSS on the… Complete
2018-003 A) I am requesting the following public information regarding the Howard County Board Of Education’s General Counsel position for which the board hired Dan Furman. Please provide the information in a… Complete
2018-002 I am requesting the following additional information regarding the HCPSS General Counsel position:

1) How many individuals applied for the HCPSS Chief of Staff/General Counsel position…